Family Values 2.0

Trick by Mark Elsdon and
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Family Values 2.0

39.95 usd

Trick by Mark Elsdon and (39.95)

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Family Values 2.0 - magic
Family Values 2.0 Family Values 2.0 Family Values 2.0

Two great effects, one unforgettable moment. "Family Values" by Mark Elsdon is back and better than ever.

"Family Values 2.0" combines the strengths of "Heriloom" and the "Phil Deck" to create a simple and direct, yet highly powerful routine. It's a self-working miracle you'll love performing.

Here's what happens

The performer presents an old box of playing cards dating back to the early 1900's that supposedly belonged to "Atkins family". There is an old tattered photo of the family in the box featuring the whole family: Frank, his wife Mary, and their daughter Eve.

Their story is, unfortunately, a tragic one. Frank was a heavy drinker, gambler, and womanizer. One day, a raging fire ignited in the home. Mary and Eve escaped unharmed, but Frank was killed. The irony is that Frank had always claimed he could tell people's futures, but not only did he supposedly not see the fire coming, but, it is believed that his spirit is trapped in the cards.

The performer then asks if anyone has ever heard of marked playing cards or the phrase "your card is marked"? As an amateur fortune-teller, Frank believed everyone had a "card" and wrote the names of family members and friends on the back of all of his playing cards. All the cards in the box are revealed to have different faces and names written on the backs. A participant is asked to asked to choose a card with a random name and a random card from the pack.

It is then shown that Frank is holding a playing card in the photo and it matches their selection. In an even more surprising twist, the photo is turned over to find a written confession from Mary that she is the one who killed her husband Frank. The name freely chosen by the spectator is Mary!

"Family Values 2.0" is a re-working of a classic Magic Box effect that now comes with a custom-printed antique looking deck and custom printed photos. It is ready to go out of the box. The routine/presentation has also been modified and the handling has been simplified.

"A highly commercial effect that both magicians and mentalists are sure to love. Super simple, super entertaining and super strong!" Michael Murray

"This is great; I love the presentation" Marc Oberon


  • Self-working
  • Simplified handling
  • Comes ready to go
  • Only one photograph used
  • Fair and free selection
  • Cards are shown to have different names and values on each side
  • Even possible to customize the handwritten message yourself
  • Can even be used to perform the original effect


  • Specially-printed deck
  • Two specially-printed photos (one with printed text and a blank one if you want to write your own message)
  • Two specially printed photos, one with printed text, one blank so you can write your own
  • Video tutorial
  • Access to photos online to print your own and customize the routine

Customer reviews for Family Values 2.0


Larissa A.

I absolutelly love this pack of cards, simple and perfect trick for halloween party and even for a every day carry!


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