Silk to Chocolate

Trick by Sean Yang
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Silk to Chocolate

24.95 usd

Trick by Sean Yang (24.95)

In stock.
Silk to Chocolate - magic
Silk to Chocolate Silk to Chocolate Silk to Chocolate

Cleanly show a silk and tuck it into a closed fist. With a gentle blow, the silk has transformed into a gorgeous chocolate!

A new rendition to the classic effect "Silk to Egg!" Replace the egg with the chocolate, making the effect seemingly more impromptu and delicious! To conclude, you can even give out the chocolate as a souvenir at the end of the routine!

Sean Yang's Silk to Chocolate:

- The effect is very direct and magical
- Looks just like real chocolate, but it won't melt!
- Easy to perform
- Easy to carry around
- Gimmick lasts forever
- Who doesn't like chocolate!! What's better than a fun magic show AND A CHOCOLATE TO EAT?
- Comes with a bonus trick that guarantees a laugh!

The kit includes:

- Realistic chocolate shell
- 16cm X 16cm silk
- Online instructional video


Wrapper restore: Tearing up the wrapper to show the chocolate, the magician gives another gentle blow and the wrapper is magically restored!

Nose Surprise: An easy but funny trick!!


Customer reviews for Silk to Chocolate



Please don't get grossed out, but I am the only guy I know of who actually always swallowed the raw egg! You can imagine the reaction. I learned how to gargle an egg, way back, when i was in the children's choir, and I still enjoy a soft boiled. I know this is not too healthy, and somewhat risky with all the poisoning stories. So I was rather pleased to discover this trick, which is essentially the same (even though the video does offer some cool bonus alternatives to do with the gimmick) as the egg, but uses a common chocolate truffle. It makes more sense to eat a chocolate than a raw egg, or I can just hand it out! Also, I can carry a bunch of chocolates in my pocket, without fear of them cracking and making a yolk mess, and only make sure it is not a hot day where they will melt in my jacket outer pocket. I will still sometimes do the egg when I need to make the teenagers gasp, but most of the time, I will switch to the less nourishing but safer chocolate!


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  • Charles asks: Does the gimmick come with additional foil wrappers? Seems like the wrapper is torn during the effect.

    • 1. Michael answers: It does not. You can buy that type of foil in a gift store, or use wrappers from the chocolates (which you can find in almost any convenience store).
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