Magic by Sean Yang

3 Way Mirror Trick
3 Way Mirror
Trick by Sean Yang - 39.95

Sean Yang's 3 way mirror is not only a mirror, but also a portable close-up mat. It is made of high quality safety mirror which weighs only 240...

Transformer Chop Cup Trick
Transformer Chop Cup
Trick by Sean Yang - 34.95

With just a cup and a ball, you can perform vanishes, reappearances, penetration effects, etc., with minimal knowledge of sleight of hand. That's...

Silk to Chocolate Trick
Silk to Chocolate
Trick by Sean Yang - 24.95

Cleanly show a silk and tuck it into a closed fist. With a gentle blow, the silk has transformed into a gorgeous chocolate! A new...

Paper Fold Prediction Trick
Paper Fold Prediction
Trick by Sean Yang - 20.00

With only two pieces of paper, you can perform this miracle! The Paper Fold Prediction is a trick that is self-working and highly versatile; it also...

Suitcase Trick
Trick by Sean Yang - 29.95

Sean Yang's Suitcase is made of aluminum with a velvet layer inside. This novel prop has a lot of comedy potential while also serving a practical...

6 and 9 Trick
6 and 9
Trick by Sean Yang - 20.00

6+6 = 12 9+9 = 18 6+9 = What comes to your mind? 6 and 9 is a packet trick made out of simple math equations and funny jokes. Through a series of...