Transformer Chop Cup

Trick by Sean Yang
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Transformer Chop Cup

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Trick by Sean Yang (34.95)

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Transformer Chop Cup - magic
Transformer Chop Cup Transformer Chop Cup Transformer Chop Cup Transformer Chop Cup Transformer Chop Cup

With just a cup and a ball, you can perform vanishes, reappearances, penetration effects, etc., with minimal knowledge of sleight of hand. That's probably a key reason why the Chop Cup has become an all-time classic!

However, one disadvantage, in which we've found the solution, is that it can be inconvenient to bring the cup with you at all times.

Our Transformer Chop Cup has solved it! It has three different modes. These not only overcome the inconvenience of carrying the props, but they also provide you with many useful applications. This could be the Chop Cup's new revolution!

Mode 1: Deck Holder

In this mode, your Transformer Chop Cup acts like a card guard, which perfectly protects your deck of cards. No extra pocket space needed to carry it around!

Mode 2: Display Stand

In this mode, your Transformer Chop Cup acts like a professional display stand. You can use it to place your business cards, playing cards, or even prediction envelopes on it during your other routines.

Mode 3: Chop Cup

This is designed to work brilliantly with any magnetic ball (money ball). As your final load and revelation, you can produce anything you like - even candy or chocolate from the convenience store!

NOTE: Magnetic balls are NOT INCLUDED. Instead, this comes with small magnets that are attached to the Transformer Chop Cup. Perfect for impromptu settings to make your money ball for the Chop Cup during the performance.

The kit includes:

- Transformer Chop Cup
- 2 small magnets
- Online instructional video


Customer reviews for Transformer Chop Cup


Tun Guan

This is exactly what I was looking for to add to my roving magic repertoire.
Things to note:
1) this does not work well if you want to do the usual chop cups and balls routine. This works best if you want to do ad-hoc chop cup kinda routine before/ after a bill or coin routine as and when you want.
2) though it is sort of a sleeve for a deck of cards, do note that it is quite tight. Works extremely well when using it to hold your deck of cards (without the card case) as a stand with a prediction/ card placed in front.

Will recommend this as an accessory for roving magic where at times you need to use a stand to display cards or a short simple chop cup style of performance.



Disclosure. I'm a bit new to chop cups and a new magician. So take my review below with that in mind.

If you want something that is compact and can be carried along with your cards without taking much pocket space. this fits the bill and is as advertised. For me, I realized it's not really what I'm doing right now along with the cons below, and decided to return it.

Pros: it's well made, has a rubber, textured coating of some sort. From what I've read, it was manufactured by a smartphone case company, or uses similar materials (I forget, so this needs verification) and I think overall the advertised claims are spot on. In it's compact form used as a card case holder, it fits snug and tight. Some corners are glued, which may come unglued (it was fine for me). Sean Yang addresses this in his video, and suggests how to fix the corners if this happens.

Cons for me: I didn't really like (couldn't get used to) the rectangular shape. Just felt weird from a handling perspective and realized I very much prefer traditional shaped openings. Sean also made a decision to place the gaff in a different position as a traditional chop cup, which effects the position of the ball, and in turn affects the interaction with the cup and ball (round object meeting rectangular object). That was a bit problematic for me, though it appears others are not bothered by this.

Overall, hard to recommend or not recommend. This just wasn't for me for the above reasons, but I imagine there are others that this would work for.


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  • Shawna asks: What are the dimensions of the Transformer chop cup?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is approximately 3" x 3"
  • javier asks: What is the material that the transformer chop cup is constructed ? Is it solid and long lasting ? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is made from a silicone-y plastic.
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