Unbreakable Phone

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Unbreakable Phone

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Trick by Lynx Magic ($119.95)

In stock. Order in the next 8 hours, 16 minutes and it will go out today!
Unbreakable Phone - magic

Can you make a borrowed cell phone end up inside a sealed Pringles Can? Thanks to Lynx Magic you can! Attention magicians: This could be the most modern version of the 'Banana Bandana' trick of the decade.

You explain that you're going to learn a new magic trick with a cell phone and a helper from the audience. You borrow a cell phone and then turn on some audio instructions to learn "The Vanishing Phone."

The audio instructions state that the magician will need a silk and a magic wand to perform the trick. The problem is you can't find the wand, only a hammer! You "assume" that this hammer is a new version of the modern-day magic wand.

The voice says that the magician needs to tap the phone to make it disappear, but the phone doesn't vanish and so you decide to tap harder, and harder until, uh oh! Now the audience, and the helper think you've broken the phone!

Finally, you see a tiny magic wand in your case. Using this, you tap on the phone under the silk and the phone vanishes. You wait for the rest of the audio explanation to make the phone reappear, but you and your audience hear, "This audio is a free sample of how to do the trick. To make the phone come back, please buy Volume 2!"

To calm down the anxious on stage helper, you hand a can of Pringles to her. She opens it and finds some chips. After eating some she finds her phone, sealed in a plastic bag! She removes it from the can and confirms that it really is her own phone!

Keep these features in mind:

  • Unbreakable Phone is a full stage or parlor routine, and is very easy to perform.
  • You receive all the gimmicks you need to perform this routine right away (Supply your own hammer and case.)
  • You do not have to buy a new Pringles can every time you perform the routine. We supply custom-made can seals, enough for dozens of performances.
  • Due to a specially made laser cut gimmick, you can load the phone into the can in just three seconds.
  • The audio instruction for the routine are professionally translated in different languages: English, Swedish, Chinese, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and French.Choose the best one for you and your audience.

So, if you want to update your “Banana Bandana” Routine, or if you’re looking for 5 – 8 minutes of comedy with an onstage spectator that’s great for family shows for audiences of older kids (who own their own cell phone), then make the call and add Unbreakable Phone to your repertoire.


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Unbreakable Phone by Lynx Magic