Magic by Lynx Magic

Unbreakable Phone Trick
Unbreakable Phone
Trick by Lynx Magic - $119.95

Can you make a borrowed cell phone end up inside a sealed Pringles Can? Thanks to Lynx Magic you can! Attention magicians: This could be the most modern version of the 'Banana Bandana' trick of the decade. You explain that you're going to learn a new magic trick with a cell phone and a...

Hands Free Prediction Trick
Hands Free Prediction
Trick by Lynx Magic - $24.95

Lynx Magic brings you Hands Off Prediction, a magic trick that will fool both laymen and magicians alike. The magician shows a deck of cards. Then, he takes an envelope that contains a prediction and places it in full view on the table. Next he hands the deck to a...