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By Roberto Giobbi - Friday, June 7, 2019

From Hidden Agenda, January 13th

This is an efficient way of using Dai Vernon’s Transfer Move (Card College Volume 3, p. 516) for a Stop Trick.

Have a card selected and control it to the bottom. My favorite method is “The Post-peek Overhand Shuffle Control” from Card College Volume 1, p. 74. Retain it at the bottom by using an Injog Shuffle and subsequent cut. As you square the deck, glimpse the selection on the bottom (e.g., Eight of Clubs).

Start dealing cards in a face-down packet in front of you until a spectator calls stop. Transfer the deck in an in-transit action to the right hand, which takes it in end grip; in the process the left fingers push the bottom card slightly to the right, where it is gripped by the thumb and little finger of the right hand in readiness for the Transfer Move. The main action that justifies this transfer is for the left hand to point to the top card of the packet, saying, “This is the card you stopped me at, correct?” Lift the card up with the left thumb at the inner end, looking at its index, and miscall it as the Eight of Clubs, saying, “Well, you stopped me exactly at the Eight of Clubs! That’s your card.”

Look at him, as there will be a reaction now, and in another in-transit action the left hand seizes the deck at its left side, and both hands move to the left with the intention of placing the deck onto the table to your left. As it passes over the dealt cards, the left hand continues its way to the left, where it eventually places the deck onto the table. Simultaneously, the right hand, with its card clipped at diagonally opposite corners, drops on top of the packet. As the right hand falls on the packet, it doesn’t move, but the right thumb simply lifts up the top card at its inner end, as if looking at the named card just once more, and after stalling for another second, push it towards the spectator for him to turn it over.

Study the timing and you will not only have a wonderfully deceptive and entertaining trick, but also have understood and installed an important polyvalent sleight.

All entries from this series come from Roberto Giobbi's Hidden Agenda book.

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