Card College Volumes 1 - 5

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By Roberto Giobbi

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Card College Volumes 1 - 5 - magic

When people tell us they are serious about card magic and want to know what books they should buy, we always tell them the same thing: “Get Card College.” That’s not to say that this acclaimed series is just for beginners. It’s not. It’s an excellent, cumulative course in handling a pack of cards, but it’s the best investment a card lover can make because your initiation course turns into the perfect reference library! 

What we’re saying is this. You buy these books and read them cover to cover, learning the basics as you go. It’ll be fast at first, and in the later books you’ll come across tricks and moves that will require substantially more time. BUT, when you’re done with the course you’ll want to keep these books near your practice table forever because you’ll ALWAYS be able to look up moves or counts you’ve forgotten, or find a trick that fits what you’re trying to do. They’re essential tools for the serious magician.

And these aren’t just five volumes of tricks. Roberto Giobbi is a thoughtful author who offers fascinating history and anecdotes that make for interesting presentations. He also offers theatrical tips to go along with each trick. Your card magic will improve by leaps and bounds with this series. Obviously, beginners should start with Volume 1, but the series works best when you’ve got the whole set at your disposal. 


Also available individually:

Card College #1

Includes The Tools of Card Magic, Fundamental Techniques, The Overhand Shuffle, The Riffle Shuffle, False Cuts, Transfer Cuts, Card Controls, Card Forces, The Glide, The Double Lift, The Hindu Shuffle
Flourishes, The Spread Cull, The Top Change, The Key Card

Card College #2

Includes The Glimpse, Card Reverses, The Crimp, Palming, False Cuts, False Counts, The Pass, The Overhand Shuffle, Flourishes, The Double Turnover, Misdirection, Psychology, Routining and Presentation

Card College #3

Includes The Biddle Steal, The K.M. Move, Breaks, Steps & Injogs, Advanced Palming, Card Controls, The Zarrow Shuffle, Advanced Double Lifts, Multiple Shifts, The Pull-Through Shuffle, The Faro Shuffle, Color Changes, The Side Steal, The Diagonal Palm Shift, False Counts and Displays

Card College #4

Includes Forcing Techniques, Card & Packet Reversals, Advanced Passes, Culling & Stacking, Half Passes, Tilt, Sandwich Techniques, More Flourishes, Lapping, Card & Packet Switches, Estimation, Deck Switches and False Deals

Card College #5

Includes Making Secret Setups, False Shuffles, Obtaining Duplicate Signatures, Quick Tricks, Openers and Routines with the Aces, Favorite Effects, Gambling Demonstrations, Mental Mysteries


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Russell Wagner

I have card college 1 thru 4 buying 5 next they are without a doubt the best books on handling cards that I have. I have a large library. The tricks mixed thru the handling are very good. I use a push thru false shuffle. He has one written by Vernon and Daliey that is worth the price of the books. Also goes the extr@ mile on the zarrow shuffle . This is just 2 small parts out of one book it just gets better from thrre