Queens Through the Table

Trick by Dominique Duvivier
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Queens Through the Table

14.95 usd

Trick by Dominique Duvivier ($14.95)

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Queens Through the Table - magic

A new approach to the card through table plot from the creative mind of Dominique Duvivier.

This is an amazing card magic effect in which the Queens clearly pass one by one through a table. Two versions of "Queens Through the Table" are taught to ensure it's approachable for all skill levels.

The easy version requires no sleight of hand. Cleverly-designed gaff playing cards take care of all the hard work. It's a super powerful professional magic trick that's easy enough for beginners to do.

The second version is more geared toward advanced magicians that enjoy a bit of sleight of hand.

"Queens Through the Table" is an amazing packet trick that is worthy of consideration by any magician.

Comes with specially-made Bicycle Playing Cards and video instructions.


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Take a look at the video above. Do you find the effect clear and convincing? Would you do it for laymen?

In my case, the answer to both questions is no, but there were some elements to the trick that got by me and it wasn’t expensive. And I like the overall concept, so why not?

OK, so now my curiosity is sated and I can get on with my life.

But maybe, unlike me, you were impressed with the video and would consider this to be a a potential reputation-maker! Well, maybe so. And you’d have a leg up, as I don’t think many will be willing to overcome the hurdles between you and mastery of this effect.

The explanatory videos are in French. I speak the language so that is no impediment, but the unquashable subtitles that often obscure the video at inopportune moments are. The sound quality of the video is poor and Duvivier, at best, is a casual teacher. He covers the basics and you can learn the effect from the video, but way too much of the responsibility would fall on you. Duvivier omits fine points and the whole production has the feel of a “one and done” project. There is no obvious editing and clearly no scripting. That would be fine if you were sitting next to him and could engage in a dialog. But you aren’t. And you can’t.

I have an aversion to tricks that require purchasing replacement parts or that have components that wear out. Queens Through Table DOES have a component that will wear out and will need “fortification” after repeated performances. That in itself makes the trick too “iffy” for performance for the layman for me.

But perhaps you’re less rick averse than I and perhaps your imagination can conceive of a presentation that would put this trick — a “fooler” when all is said and done — in a place of pride in your repertoire.

More power to you.