Packet tricks

Packet tricks are super popular with magicians, and for some very good reasons. They’re easy to carry with you and take up very little room. They’re easy for your audience to follow. They almost always are multi-phase with some kind of surprise ending.

From classic packet tricks like NFW or B’Wave to modern miracles from people like Peter Pellikaan, you’ll find a huge range of packet tricks here - truly something for everyone.

The Limited Edition Deluxe Trick
The Limited Edition Deluxe
Trick by Larry Jennings and Gordon Bean - 19.95

A self-working, thought-of-card miracle. They think of a card and it vanishes from your hand or theirs. The best think-of-a-card trick just got even...

Australian Aces Trick
Australian Aces
Trick by Nick Trost and Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - 9.95

Quite possibly the best monte routine you'll ever see. Nick Trost's "Australian Aces" is a true card magic stunner. You openly display...

Lucky Ladybug Trick
Lucky Ladybug
Trick by Deuce Gala and Joshua Ray - 19.95

Praise, applause, and plenty of awes — "Lucky Ladybug" isn't merely a trick; it's a transformative tool that elevates your spectator into a...

Tumbleweed Trick
Trick by Brent Braun and Andy Glass - 14.95

Dai Vernon's classic "Twisting the Aces" gets flipped on its head with "Tumbleweed" by Brent Braun and Andy Glass (aka Just...

Wild Wave Trick
Wild Wave
Trick by John Bannon and Big Blind Media - 24.95

A self-contained pocket miracle from the the incomparable John Bannon. "Only John Bannon could create a packet trick where the clean-up is a...

Tidal Wave Trick
Tidal Wave
Trick by Spidey - 19.95

Blowing minds is guaranteed with Spidey’s unique evolution of an all-time classic. This is the perfect opener! “Tidal Wave” has been Spidey’s go-to...

My Poker Collection Trick
My Poker Collection
Trick by Martin Braessas - 14.95

A magical, fun and entertaining packet trick that audiences of all types will enjoy. "Finally a packet trick that makes sense. It's easy,...

Ultimate Princess Trick
Ultimate Princess
Trick by Vinny Sagoo - 19.95

The next evolution in the iconic "Princess Card Trick". "Ultimate Princess" by Vinny Sagoo starts by showing a participant five...

Flip Out Trick
Flip Out
Trick by Joel Dickinson - 29.95

Read someone's mind, predict their actions, and leave them in awe with "Flip Out", the innovative packet trick that's taking the magic...

Twisting Trick
Trick by Dominique Duvivier - 6.95

Dominique Duvivier's fully automatic version of the classic Twisting the Aces routine. Magicians of any skill level, even beginners, can now perform...

Queens Through the Table Trick
Queens Through the Table
Trick by Dominique Duvivier - 14.95

A new approach to the card through table plot from the creative mind of Dominique Duvivier. This is an amazing card magic effect in which the Queens...

Perfectionism Trick
Trick by DooHwang and AB - 29.95

A free choice creates perfection. "Perfectionism" by AB is a super fair and fun packet trick in which the audience's free choice helps you...

Jeepers Creepers Trick
Jeepers Creepers
Trick by Paul Gordon - 24.95

First released in 1998, It's back and better. Better handling, better artwork and better card (linen) stock. Standard sleight, killer climax and not...

Blankety Packet Trick Trick
Blankety Packet Trick
Trick by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media - 20.00

A turbo-charged assembly effect that slays in any setting from a professional performance to a casual bit of brain-busting at the bar, work or...

Michael Skinner's Ultimate 3 Card Monte Trick
Michael Skinner's Ultimate 3 Card Monte
Trick by L&L Publishing and Michael Skinner - 9.99

"Ultimate 3 Card Monte" is a self-working miracle from legendary magician Michael Skinner. The 3 Card Monte is one of the most iconic...

OMG Super Morigami by John Bannon Trick
OMG Super Morigami by John Bannon
Trick by John Bannon - 25.00

A self-contained, self-worked packet trick that defies all logic. In fact, you may even fool yourself with John Bannon's "OMG Super...

Will Our Minds Merge Trick
Will Our Minds Merge
Trick by Vinny Sagoo - 12.00

If you have ever seen the classic, 'Will The Cards Match', created by Howard Adams in 1982 and popularized by Larry Becker, then you will LOVE this...

3 Coin Monte Trick
3 Coin Monte
Trick by Vinny Sagoo - 12.00

"3 Coin Monte" by Vinny Sagoo is a fun packet trick with a monte theme and a kicker ending that will leave them speechless. Three playing...

Pocket Friendly Cups & Balls Trick
Pocket Friendly Cups & Balls
Trick by and Daniel Dorian Johnson - 29.95

Mr. Freak (Daniel Dorian Johnson) and Magicbox proudly present "Pocket Friendly Cups & Balls". This easy-to-carry, complete Cups and...

Packet Wallet Accessory
Packet Wallet
Accessory by Amor Magic - 14.95

A sleek, elegant and practical solution for carrying all your favorite packet tricks. For some magicians, the standard, cheap vinyl packet wallets...

Trick by Kaymar Magic Company UK - 20.00

WWCD is the brand new, self-working piece of mental magic from Liam Montier. A packet of gorgeous cards are shown, with 'WINNER' on the back, and a...

The Great Houdini Escape Trick
The Great Houdini Escape
Trick by Paul Gordon - 29.95

When Paul Gordon first released The Great Houdini Escape, it was an instant hit. Now, nearly two decades later, this beloved effect is back and...

Flushed Surprise Trick
Flushed Surprise
Trick by Paul Gordon - 15.00

An effect that is so surprising and fooling, you won't believe how easy it is to do! Flushed Surprise starts by cleanly showing 4 Ace of Spades on...

No Gift Trick
No Gift
Trick by Magic Dream - 25.00

"Ingenious, diabolical and extremely easy to perform." David Stone No Gift is a remarkably clean and fair bank night style routine. After...

The Sad Tale of Great Uncle Reg Trick
The Sad Tale of Great Uncle Reg
Trick by Paul Gordon - 20.00

A fun and easy packet trick that you'll want to carry in your pocket everywhere you go. The Sad Tale of Great Uncle Reg takes you on a hilarious...

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Turn by Peter Pellikaan
TURN is just one of those tricks you have to see. So, stop...
Common Scents
EffectA packet of cards is shown - each bears a picture of a perfume bottle. All of them...
Stand Up Monte Expansion Pack
If you have Stand Up Monte, you know...