Wild Wave

Trick by John Bannon and Big Blind Media
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Wild Wave

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Trick by John Bannon and Big Blind Media (24.95)

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Wild Wave - magic
Wild Wave Wild Wave Wild Wave Wild Wave

A self-contained pocket miracle from the the incomparable John Bannon.

"Only John Bannon could create a packet trick where the clean-up is a knock-out effect in its own right! 'Wild Wave' is perfect." Iain Moran

"Wild Wave" by John Bannon is a curious and amazing effect. It's part Eight Card Brainwave (with ten cards), part Wild Card (red spot cards change into a Royal Flush in spades), and part poker demonstration. And it all ends with everything being examinable. This is a powerful effect that's a ton of fun to perform.

What Happens
You show a small packet of cards, each one taken from a different casino, and explain that you like to take a memento from each place you visit. Spreading these cards face down on the table, you let your spectator select one. After collecting up the cards they didn't pick, you show that they are all low value, red spot cards. Incredibly, the card they freely chose is shown to be the lone, high value black card.

Going a bit further, you deal out the remaining cards, completing a five card poker hand for your spectator, as well as one for yourself .When you flip yours over it is revealed that you inexplicably have a Straight - a killer hand in poker! But sadly not good enough to win, because when they turn their hand face up, it reveals a Royal Flush in spades.

Everything about "Wild Wave" is quintessential Bannon card magic β€” wringing multiple phases of shocking magic from just a handful of cards...all without any overly complicated sleight of hand. You end completely squeaky clean with totally examinable cards.

  • A self-contained, impossibly fooling pocket miracle
  • Super easy (only one simple sleight required)
  • Use just the ten specially-manufactured USPCC cards (no deck required)
  • No extra cards or sticky stuff
  • Ends completely clean
  • Transport wallet included
  • Packaged in a beautiful faux-hardback book to protect your gaff cards

"One of my favorite ever Bannon effects! Simple, clever, and so fun to perform." John Guastaferro

"Hold up?! I'm gonna put my coins down for now and practice that! That's amazing and a worker!" Avi Yap

"The Bannon touch applied to the classic 8 Card Brainwave with a kick to the head ending that leaves you clean." Tim Trono

"Once again, Bannon smacked my brain sideways with a one, two punch of super clever principles wrapped up in a blockbuster routine! Loved it." Cameron Francis

"'Wild Wave' is another awesome trick that shows why John Bannon is the master. Trying to better a Bannon trick is the magic equivalent of fighting Chuck Norris." Darren McQuade

"Bannon once again proves he is the king of the packet tricks. "Wild Wave" is fooling, engaging and provides a canvas for many presentational styles. A must for the wallet!" James Went

"'Wild Wave' is one of those tricks that pulls your spectators in and gets everyone involved. It leads them up the Garden path just to smack them with an awesome kicker ending." Alan Rorrison


Customer reviews for Wild Wave

VI Monthly


I enjoy this magic trick for closeup performances. John Bannon's video was very informative and help me learn the trick. I feel it is a very good packet trick for the price.



Just got this and really enjoy it. It was packed very nicely and well presented in the instructional. Always enjoy John Bannon's stuff.


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  • Peter asks: It seems to end clean - can the spectator examine the 10 cards?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hey! The routine ends completely clean
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