Trick by Brent Braun and Andy Glass
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Trick by Brent Braun and Andy Glass (14.95)

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Tumbleweed - magic
Tumbleweed Tumbleweed

Dai Vernon's classic "Twisting the Aces" gets flipped on its head with "Tumbleweed" by Brent Braun and Andy Glass (aka Just Andy).

Centered around the idea that Jokers are wild and using a creative method, "Tumbleweed" makes the twisting effect easier, more visual, and more baffling than ever.

Using just four cards and very minimal sleight of hand, "Tumbleweed" is easy to learn and easy to master. A packet of Jokers turn over one by one and mix themselves up in a way that will leave your audience fried.

Grab "Tumbleweed" today and carry it with you for a lifetime.

"This is a trick that checks all the boxes for me: Easy to do, easy to understand, and it has a devastating effect on your audience!" Rick Holcombe

"Looks so good I fooled myself practicing...twice!" Bhavish Malkani

"One of the cleanest and hardest hitting packet effects I've performed in a long time. 10/10." Ryan Daniels

"Such a fooler and so easy to learn. After watching the explanation with a bit of practice you'll be frying brains in less than an hour." Christopher Seaton

"So simple, yet so perplexing and with just a couple of cards. For me, this is a no brainer. Bonus points for being super easy to do!" David Em


Customer reviews for Tumbleweed



I thought this was a download since its setup is easily understood by those with at least a moderate understanding of card magic. It is not a download. You receive the cards to perform the effect. That being said.
~~Quick Review~~
Cards - 4/5
Instructions - 5/5
Difficulty 2/5

standard Bike stock but no option for color choice. Not really an issue, just an observational nitpick

Instructions :
Very thorough. You get several videos 1 on the history and a general chat about the routine. 1 on the full explanation including an almost super practice clip which those who learned magic from VHS will be happy about for sure. and 1 video explaining the Elmsy with some tips and such. It also has a written set of instructions as well.
The routine itself is fairly simple but will take a fair amount of rewinding of the videos to remember a few parts of the sequence. This is probably because you'll run into the same pattern twice but have to handle the sequence differently. So when practicing you'll often stop and your brain will try and figure out which one its supposed to do. This will eventually go away.
After a few hours of running through the sequence, you'll have a decent handling on the routine but might be a little jittery with the execution. There is some script to it, but I personally dont care much for it as at one point you hit a nonsense wall and just blast past it in hopes no one will really notice. This is at the point where you show the first all 4 turned over. You just then reshow the other card has been turned back around with no dication or use of the "Move" which the majority of the routine is based around (Just like the routine is based on "twisting the aces") But then you go through a series of almost reversing what you did. I changed that point and instead settled for the idea of the audience wondering if the Move only works End over End or can it work Side to side. After the following demonstration that all cards are now reversed. I make a comment about doing the move side to side but backward and undoing the move. Then blast into the next sequence. I feel it creates a more cohesive understanding of whats happening and avoids confusing scripting. If your script doesn’t flow as your routine does, it'll make the participants think more and pull them out of the routine. (Just my opinion on the matter)

This is a pretty easy routine. If you can do the elmsley you can do this. If you can do any sleight with cards but do not know the elmsley, they teach it and you can do this routine. This is a great packet trick to have on hand when someone asks to see a trick and you don't want to go into a full blown performance. So you pull out these 4 cards and show them a 32-second visual symphony of cards and elegant handling that is sure to please even the most jaded of unimpressable people.
As mentioned above in my instructions review, this routine does have a fair amount of sequences going for it and it can be a little difficult to keep in mind. But a few hours of practice will smooth that out.

So if you want a cool quick visual symphonic piece to bust out, this is for you. If you do not do card tricks, then dont get this.



Who doesn't love a good packet trick? And this is a *good* packet trick. Brent and Andy have taken a staple gaff of the magician's toolbox and got so much mileage out of it they're probably due a rebate on their road tax. You'll fool yourself just learning this. The only issue is there is big magical finale: it just peters out. That's the nature of any trick of this sort I suppose: you're telling the audience what will happen and then it does. Quelle surprise. I'm sure with one's own creativity this could be improved. Please note: you don't end clean.


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