The Limited Edition Deluxe

Trick by Larry Jennings and Gordon Bean
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A thought-of card vanishes. Self-working and amazing.
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The Limited Edition Deluxe

19.95 usd

Trick by Larry Jennings and Gordon Bean (19.95)

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The Limited Edition Deluxe - magic
The Limited Edition Deluxe The Limited Edition Deluxe The Limited Edition Deluxe The Limited Edition Deluxe The Limited Edition Deluxe

A self-working, thought-of-card miracle. They think of a card and it vanishes from your hand or theirs. The best think-of-a-card trick just got even better.

Featuring input from Eugene Burger, Max Maven, and Dan Harlan, this fresh and innovative new approach to the iconic Princess Card Trick truly stands on the shoulders of giants. With “The Limited Edition Deluxe” by Gordon Bean and Larry Jennings, you can easily make a thought-of card vanish and leave every audience speechless.

"I didn't think it could be done, but Gordon brilliantly transformed the age-old Princess card trick into a seriously commercial trick. You'll enjoy perpetrating this every time you do it." John Bannon

Your audience is shown six cards and asked to think of one fading away from the pack. When the cards are spread again, the thought-of card is shown to have genuinely vanished. It’s blank on both sides.

As with all Gordon Bean packet tricks, “The Limited Edition Deluxe” is a masterclass in the amount of impact that can be packed into a handful of cards. This is a professional quality trick that anyone can do. If you can spread cards, you can perform this!

The gimmicked cards you receive come ready to go and handle all the hard work for you. You’ll be ready to perform immediately after watching the detailed instructions that give you all the tips needed to convince your audience that you’re genuinely plucking a thought from their brain.

This deluxe version of “The New Limited Edition” also includes tons of amazing bonuses. You’ll get an unbelievable variation of an unpublished effect from Gordon Bean, as well as all the extra gimmicks needed to perform bonus routines from Eugene Burger and Dan Harlan. As a special treat, you’ll also get to see rare footage of Max Maven and Harry Anderson performing this spectacular effect.

You get a worker you’ll use for life, plus a ton of extra content, for one low price. This is an unbeatable value. Get “The Limited Edition Deluxe” by Gordon Bean and Larry Jennings today!

"Gordon Bean starts with a great idea and never stops thinking. Limited edition is a concentrated miracle with a concrete method. Highly recommend." R. Paul Wilson

"There are over 100 different versions of the Princess Card trick, Gordon Bean’s ‘The New Limited Edition’ just might be the best one yet." Allan Ackerman


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