Exclusive magic tricks

At Vanishing Inc. Magic we are proud to produce great magic. Every trick, book and DVD is released under the watchful eye of cofounders, and professional magicians Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay.

World Tour Set Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive World Tour Set
Accessory by Joshua Jay - $100.00

The World Tour Deck Set is a presentation "trunk" of five bespoke packs of playing cards, each highlighting a different country and culture from the turn of the last century. The World Tour Deck Set is housed in a miniature travel trunk, replete with decals from the far-off places the cards have...

Just for Fun Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Just for Fun
Book by Christopher T. Magician - $40.00

Just for Fun is a treasure trove of new plots to entertain children and their families. Author Christopher T. Magician takes his inspiration from classic close-up and parlor magic for grown-up audiences. Then he adapts the material for family shows. The result is over 300 pages of new tricks – all...

Bare Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Bare
Trick by Darryl Davis, Daryl Williams and The Other Brothers - $35.00

In what is destined to become the go-to trick for professionals around the globe, "BARE" generates screams, gasps, and reactions like no other trick we know. This special, hand-altered sharpie marker allows you to cause ANY card, initials, number, or simple shape to appear ON A SPECTATOR'S HAND....

The Queen Thing Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Queen Thing
Magic download (video) by Scott Robinson - $10.00

When we release magic, the quality we search for, more than anything else, is experience. We want effects that have been thoroughly worked through, tested, and honed to perfection. "The Queen Thing" is one of Scott Robinson's most coveted "pet" effects. It has it all: magic, surprise, and a twist...

Refill for Dream of Aces Trick
Refill for Dream of Aces
Trick by Unknown - $5.00

This packet contains a refill for the highly acclaimed card effect "Dream of Aces."

Kung Fu Foot Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Kung Fu Foot
Trick by Héctor Mancha - $30.00

How do you reveal a card onstage? It has to be something dynamic, physical, and memorable. Cue "Kung Fu Foot"! Created and honed to perfection by FISM Grand Champion Hector Mancha, this hilarious card revelation allows you to stab a card from midair...with your foot! "Kung Fu Foot"...

The Chaos of Triumph Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Chaos of Triumph
Magic download (video) by Kiko Pastur - $10.00

We see A LOT of card routines but when Kiko showed us "The Chaos of Triumph", we were stunned. This is COMPLETELY different to any Triumph routine we have ever seen and here's why ... You have a card chosen and the spectator is a asked to shuffle it back into the deck. You take the...

AmazeBox Black Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive AmazeBox Black
Trick by Mark Shortland - $65.00

This prop is beautifully invisible to the audience. Organic and powerful. I can’t wait to try new magic with AmazeBox!Justin Flom This is one of the most exciting new tools I have seen. It not only is super cool and clever, it's extremely versatile and completely practical. This is something I...

Ash Paper Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Ash Paper
Trick by Darryl Davis, Daryl Williams and The Other Brothers - $25.00

The Other Brothers have done it again! In this commercial effect, the Other Brothers present a way to cause a prediction--of anything you like--to appear LITERALLY IN A BURST OF FLAMES. Using the 40 sheets of specially-treated black flash paper, you are able to reveal a selected card, a shape, a...

Gypsy Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Gypsy
Magic download (video) by Ian Kendall - $15.00

I work in the casino industry so dice hustles are a passion of mine. Ian I think you have done the finest job of documenting and teaching a dice switch to date. A really first rate job, and I have been with and hung around the best in the business.Jeff Connor The two-for-two dice switch is the...

En Route Book or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive En Route
Book or download by John Guastaferro - Book $25.00 or download for $20.00

John G. is one of our closest friends and we ALWAYS love collaborating with him. So, you can imagine our excitement when we received the advance copy of En Route in the mail! As magicians, being en route is about being on a continual creative expedition, always moving forward with two goals in...

Galaxy Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Galaxy
Magic download (video) by Tran Cao Luan - $10.00

Vietnam's Tran Cao Luan is an exceptional sleight of hand talent. "Galaxy" is his solution to a tabled one-card switch. It's based on Chris "Orbit" Brown's Venus Trap move (and published with his full permission), but uses the table to your advantage, eliminating any angle problems that can...

MYC - Mark Young Change Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive MYC - Mark Young Change
Magic download (video) by Mark K. Young - $10.00

Joshua Jay here...At Vanishing Inc. this is what we live for. I received a call from a friend who said, simply, “You HAVE to see this guy’s bill change.” I was skeptical. “Does it use a thumbtip?” I asked him. “Nope.” “Does it look bad from every angle except head on?” I asked,...

Kardnetics - The Tipping King Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Kardnetics - The Tipping King
Trick by Jason Baney - $25.00

The Tipping King - Watch as the King tips his hat to reveal his bald head. Surprising and funny, this can make for the ideal quirky ending to any card routine.

Kardnetics - The Bowing Queen Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Kardnetics - The Bowing Queen
Trick by Jason Baney - $25.00

The Bowing Queen - As if from the pages of a cartoon, the two-dimensional queen suddenly jumps into the third dimension as she gracefully leans forward to take a bow!

Kardnetics - The Talking Jack Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Kardnetics - The Talking Jack
Trick by Jason Baney - $25.00

The Talking Jack - Imagine the look on your audiences face when the Jack begins to slowly open his mouth and then continue, as if he was talking. Be prepared to amaze and make people laugh in equal measure!

Kardnetics Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Kardnetics
Trick by Jason Baney - $25.00 each

Designed by our good friend, Jason Baney, "Kardnetics" are a range of beautifully gaffed mechanical playing cards. Each card is meticulously made by hand in Las Vegas and the craftsmanship is something to behold. No wires, no magnets or anything of the sort. Just cardboard. In a...

Heist - Spare Watch Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Heist - Spare Watch
Accessory by Vanishing Inc. Magic - $10.00

Spare watch for Heist.

Pro Carrier Deluxe Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Pro Carrier Deluxe
Accessory by Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. Magic - $34.99

Way back in 2000, a very young Joshua Jay designed and released the Pro Carrier. It was the first of its kind, in a way: a quality leather case that held a pack of cards, coins, packet tricks, extra cards or items, and displayed your business card. It was and is a wildly popular item among working...

The Touch DVD or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Touch
DVD or download by Robert Moreland - DVD $30.00 or download for $30.00

There are only a handful of magicians in the world whose magic is truly extraordinary. Robbie Moreland is amongst those rare few. Elegant, astounding and effortless. Robbie embodies everything that magic should be and on this DVD, you will learn his three signature routines, all taken...

Timeless - Replacement Pen Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Timeless - Replacement Pen
Accessory by Liam Montier - $5.00

A replacement pen for Timeless by Liam Montier

Hidden Agenda Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Hidden Agenda
Book by Roberto Giobbi - $55.00

That Roberto Giobbi is one of the preeminent authors in magic is well established. The Card College series secured Mr. Giobbi's place in magic's history. But for many, his boldest and most fascinating book is Secret Agenda, a collection filled with wisdom, advice, secrets, and fantastic tricks,...

The Memory Arts - Aronson Edition Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Memory Arts - Aronson Edition
Magic download (ebook) by David Trustman and Sarah Trustman - $25.00

Learn the Aronson Stack in a day! A few months ago we acquired Sarah and David Trustman's unusual, wonderful "memory" book. As experts in the field of mnemonics and memory, they developed a picture-based system to memorize The Tamariz stack of cards quickly, and retain it for life. It sold...

Cigatration Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Cigatration
Trick by Chris Westfall - $15.00

At Vanishing Inc. Magic we strive to find the best renditions of our favorite routines. Ever thought about doing "Cigarette through Coin"? For us, this is THE version to perform. It has it all: visual, surprising, and utterly clean. The advent of flash paper and keys (as prongs) elevate this trick...

Push Through Magic download (video)
Push Through
Magic download (video) by Robert Ramirez - $10.00

Rob Ramirez loves books. By searching back through some of the classic texts, he digs out the strongest effects and by adding his subtleties, makes them even better. "Push Through" is Rob's signature coins through table routine. Based of Al Baker's classic "The Magical Filtration of Four...