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Trick by N2G (59.95)

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CS - magic

Now available in an half dollar version!

The creator of many exquisite and high-quality coin magic props, N2G is proud to offer some of the most unique and elegant Replica Morgan Coin Sets and Replica Half Dollar Sets available today.

These perfect replica Morgan coins and replica half dollars are finely aged, looking like they have experienced the precipitation of history, adding beauty and depth to all your coin magic. They are the perfect way to bring your audience into the wonderful atmosphere of magic.

The shell's coverage and closeness are extremely high, making your performance really like magic, coins through table, coins across, 3 fly. These classic coin magic can be perfectly performed with "CS".

Choose "CS" by N2G to give your audience an elegant and classical magic experience!


Customer reviews for CS

VI Monthly


I'm impressed with the Morgan Repilca Coin Set with Shell by N2G. Many have mentioned how "dirty" this set is. I also own the "Normal Morgan Coin" set by N2G. And I found the "Normal Morgan Coin" set to have the perfect amount of faux patina. (Enough to make the artwork pop.) The CS Morgan set does appear to be dirtier or to have slightly more faux patina than the "Normal Morgan Coin" set, at least this was the case with the ones I received. However, I easily got the two sets to match by simply rubbing a bit of the "dirt" off with some tissue paper. The shell works well and has very good coverage. They also release easily without sticking which is nice. The artwork and design on the coins look perfect which can't be said of all Morgan replica coins. I hope N2G will release Morgan Flipper Coins that match these in the near future.



Very nice set of coins. I have the half dollar set, made really well and the video instructions covers a lot you can do with the coins. I have owned in the past a Deans set of coins and these are just like those and a fraction of the cost and just and wonderful in craftmenship. I have never been disappointed with any thing by N2G own many of there other effects. Prices seem fair and their craftmenship is just perfect.


Raul (Jay)

I’ve never owned Morgan dollars before so I was really excited to get this product. When I received it and I looked at the quality of the coins, I was like “wow“! These are really great replicas, and they really look like they aged well.

The coins are aged so well that there’s even a little area where the coins edges had a little bit more than necessary silver on it. So it looks like it was made in the factory in the 1800s, and that’s why a little bit of silver was covering the coins. They really made each coin look aged in its own unique way.

With that said, it’s as if the coins were used quite a bit over the decades. I examine each coin and they do look old and aged in its own unique way. And that does also include the extra silver that’s covering the the year the coins came out.

I love Morgan dollars! I’m so happy to on my very first set. N2G makes really superior coin products, and as a non-performing magician I can’t wait to perform this as a walk around!



For the price, this is an exquisite coin set.
If you have the budget for the high end coin set manufacturer you won’t be disappointed. However, for the average worker who needs a day in day out performance set. Look no further. I’ve been very impressed and will continue to use mine for a long time.



This is an excellent, affordable set of Morgan replicas. The look, feel, and weight is just right, and while the gentle, pleasing "ting" of silver isn't there, it doesn't matter. All four coins nest cleanly on the shell. Some have complained of the "dirty" look of the coins, but for me it was a feature, not a bug. Old coins should be a bit weathered, and that appears to be the intent here.

The coins will look genuine to the casual observer, and with care they will sound right. A worthwhile investment for the coin worker who doesn't care to carry around $500 dollars-worth of coins.



Received the "CS" set in good order. Extremely well made. The "shell" that is provided in the set is high quality. The shell operates smoothly with all four coins in the set. There is no sticking or tightness to the shell that would interfere with the performance of the routines presented in the tutorial. The weight of the regular coins is very good. All the coins in the set have a dark tint to them. I am guessing they have been treated intentionally to present an aged effect. I have not attempted to lighten their coloration, possibly can be done by rubbing them with a jeweler's polishing cloth. In any case, all the coins appear to be similar in color, so the dark tint does not present any problem. Great coin set by "N2G". If you are considering the purchase of this coin set, I have found this coin set to be an excellent purchase and highly recommend it.



I have a few sets of Morgan replicas but this set is the nicest and looks the most authentic. The turtle is really well made. The coins seems a bit "dirty" but should be easy to clean. The turtle nests and un-nests really nicely and the coins handle well. For the price this is a no-brainer. I can heartily recommend this product.



This set is great! Only gripe I have is that my set was pretty dirty, but they still all look alike so there is no discrepancy. Wow though, what a great trurtle for such a great price!


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Community questions about CS

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  • Freddy asks: Hi, do you know if the new Morgan Coin Set comes with 3 or 4 coins + shell. Pictures nor text don't tell me. Thanks, Freddy

    • 1. Matthew answers: One of the photos clearly shows four coins and a shell.
    • 2. Michael answers: Can someone from vanishing inc confirm the answer to this question?
    • 3. Allen answers: Just got my set: it includes four coins plus a shell.
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  • Matthew asks: What metal are these made from? Do they have an audible effect similar to that of true silver coins, or do they clunk?

    • 1. Jim answers: I don't know what the metal is. It is not a silver click, nor is it a clunk. It is somewhere in-between.
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  • Jan Leong asks: Are they soft coins?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are not.
  • Stephen asks: I have heard that the replica Morgan Dollars in this set are slightly larger than real Morgan Dollars. Can anyone confirm whether or not this is the case? Has anyone tried the shell with real Morgan Dollars?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I have not heard of this being an issue
  • Mark asks: Hi are these ok for a magic newbie like me who wants to learn coin magic or do you have any other recommendations?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hit up our Support Wizards and we'll they'll take care of you. wizards@vanishingincmagic.com
  • Stephen asks: Can anyone speak to whether the half Dollar option includes real Kennedy Half Dollar coins and a shell made from a real Kennedy Half Dollar, or are they replicas like in the Morgan Dollar option?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: These coins are replicas
  • Stephen asks: Does N2G make a flipper coin that would match this set? (referring specifically to the replica Morgan version.)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately this isn’t something they have produced yet
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