Secret Servante

Trick by Sean Goodman
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Secret Servante

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Trick by Sean Goodman ($37.50)

In stock.
Secret Servante - magic

Secret Servante is a utility device which allows you to secretly dispose of, or steal out, small objects such as folded cards, coins, finger rings and billets.

Secret Servante can be fitted to your jacket within seconds, and requires no tailoring or safety pins. It is lightweight and designed specifically for close up situations.Secret Servante is suitable for right and left handed magicians - indeed, you can fit it on BOTH SIDES of your jacket to give you double the potential. Secret Servante can also be attached to your belt.

Secret Servante is quick and simple to use. Just drop your arm down by your side, and your hand will automatically fall to the perfect natural position to use Secret Servante.


Once you have Secret Servante you will appreciate the vast potential, a bit like the thumb tip. You will be able to produce, vanish, switch and ditch items - in short Secret Servante will open up many routines to you that perhaps in the past you may not have been comfortable in performing, or perhaps not been able to practically perform. It will make your magic CLEANER and more magical.

Here are a few effects where Secret Servante could be used with;

Folded Cards

  • Mystery box revelation
  • Torn and restored card
  • Card in shoe
  • Card in cell phone
  • Card to orange (torn corner match)


Secret Servante can hold up to 3 dollar coins (plus a shell), up to 4 half dollar sized coins (plus a shell) and of course other denominations too.

  • Multiple coin production and vanishes

For switching in, switching out and cleaning up applications;

  • Spellbound
  • Wildcoin
  • Coin in bottle
  • Bitten coin
  • Cigarette through coin
  • Karate coin
  • Jumbo coin production


  • Ring to impossible location
  • Ring flight
  • Linking finger rings
  • Ash and Ember

Bank notes/Bills

  • Bare hand bill switch
  • Bill to impossible location
  • Serial number revelation


  • Cold reading
  • Centre tear
  • Add a number revelation

Community questions about Secret Servante

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  • Jonas asks: How is the servante attached?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Magnets.
    • 2. Garry answers: You attach this device by using a magnet, that comes with this, its very easy to set up and attach to what you are wearing, or remove and re attach this to another jacket or shirt etc.
  • James asks: Will this work with a vest or is it just for jackets?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You probably could use it with a vest but it would be much easier with a jacket.
  • Josh asks: Can you ditch and retrieve with this device or only ditch? Could you put multiples on each side of jacket?

    • 1. Barry answers: Both are possible, if you practice. Yes.
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  • Ryan asks: Does this come with any instruction on how to use or install it?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes!
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Customer reviews for Secret Servante



Truly amazing, when you look at it with out explanation you think you got ripped off watch the video all of them and you will see 1,000's of possibilities unlock as I did.



So I had been looking for ways to retrieve and ditch coin(s) for some time but all the coin clips that I found were not for me. Then I found Secret Servante that seemed excellent product in paper. I ordered it and immediately when it arrived I attached it to my jacket and started practicing. Here's my pros and cons:


-Really easy to attach to your jacket. No need for sewing, no safety pins, nothing. Just attach and remove any time you want without ruining the jacket.

-When it is there, it is there. You don't feel it, you almost forget it is in there. Any time you want to produce a coin, just drop your hand to your side and you are ready.

-Works great with both half dollar size coins and one dollar size coins. The coin(s) stay in place surprisingly firmly and are really easy to get when needed. For multiple coins you need some practice but as I bought this mostly for single coin usage, it is as easy as it gets.


Now I want another one so I have this for both hands :D

Great product!



This is a geat ditching and a retrieving device, very easy to use.
There are individual video links, which include an intro for the device, then followed by how to do the set up, (it's so easy to do this),
followed by variouse demonstrations, just like it states in the add, followed by a breakdown of the different demonstrations on how to do these different tricks, which if you dont no how to do these different tricks, then they are worth watching them.
Great item, a very simple set up, and very easy to use.



This item description is a bit misleading. It does indeed do all the things described in the copy but works best for coins. The word "servante" is the trouble maker. This product is more of a holdout/loading device. It works best as a delivery system and not a ditching device. It does allow for ditching but is in no way similar to a "servante" in the traditional sense in which a servante can be used. Vanished items need to be "placed". You cant just scoop a coin into the "secret servante" as you can with a traditional. Practice is required and it will be necessary to adjust its positioning to your clothing and your body type. The device is very, very easy to set-up to use with a jacket and the magnets are very strong and keep it from moving so it stays where you expect it to be.