Magic by Sean Goodman

Secret Servante Trick
Secret Servante
Trick by Sean Goodman - $37.50

Secret Servante is a utility device which allows you to secretly dispose of, or steal out, small objects such as folded cards, coins, finger rings...

Genetics 2 Trick
Genetics 2
Trick by Sean Goodman - $33.00

When Sean Goodman released Genetics, it became an instant bestseller and is used by pro's and hobbyists all over the world. If you own Genetics, you...

Celebridate Trick
Trick by Sean Goodman - $39.95

CelebriDate is a piece of close up mentalism, which could easily be used on stage as well. A diary is handed out for examination. Within...

R2R Trick
Trick by Sean Goodman - $19.95

Using borrowed rings for magic is commonplace, but almost exclusively for parlor and stage. Happily, in this effect you use two borrowed rings in...

Trick by Sean Goodman - $39.95

Three randomly selected numbers give birth to a magical moment in time - SIGMA. SIGMA is the latest release from the creative mind of...

Tick Tock DVD
Tick Tock
DVD by Sean Goodman - $45.70

Magic Direct presents Sean Goodman's Tick Tock. Two watches are handed to two spectators to examine. Each spectator unclicks the crown of their...