What are Richard Turner Gold Seal Bicycle Playing Cards?

Richard Turner’s Bicycle Gold Seal Playing Cards are touted by many magicians and gambling demonstrators as the best regular-use deck of cards you can get. And they last for a very long time too. Today, we explore how these special decks of cards were created and why they are so beloved.

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Who is Richard Turner?

Richard Turner takes the old adage “Playing the Card You’ve Been Dealt” to new heights. Despite being blind since childhood, Turner is considered by many to be one of the best card mechanics and close-up magicians in the world.

He has been nominated for, and won, many awards such as the coveted “Close-up Magician of the Year Award", and was featured on “Penn & Teller: Fool Us”. His tremendous story was also chronicled in the acclaimed feature documentary film “DEALT”, which won the “Audience Choice Award” at the prestigious South by Southwest Film Festival in 2017.

From Drugs to Card Magic

As a young teen, Turner’s anger over being blind drove him to use and sell drugs. However, he eventually learned his blindness gave him an advanced sense of touch. Once he started to learn card tricks, his life changed forever. Since then, the skilled magician and gambling demonstrator has used his talent and humor to entertain millions of people including celebrities such as Muhammad Ali and Brad Pitt.

Known for being an accomplished sleight of hand artist and card cheat, Turner’s comprehensive video series on advanced card magic and sleight of hand techniques has been intensely studied by casinos and magicians around the world. He has also produced a variety of board games and puzzles, and is a 6th degree karate black belt

The Perfect Touch

In addition to providing a significant advantage in card magic, Turner’s wonderfully precise “feel” for individual playing cards landed him a job as a “Touch Analyst” at the United States Playing Card Company, one of the largest playing card manufacturers in the world. He helps the company continually produce the finest quality decks of cards for magicians and gamblers.

Following the release of his signature Gamblers and Bee Playing Cards, countless magicians around the world clamored for Turner to create his own unique version of iconic 808 Bicycle Rider Back Playing Cards. After years of waiting, Turner finally granted that wish with the release of Bicycle Gold Standard Playing Cards, which are commonly known as Bicycle Gold Seal Playing Cards.

An Alternative to Bicycle Standard Playing Cards

The innovative Bicycle Gold Seal Playing Cards are a premium alternative to Bicycle Standard Playing Cards at an affordable price. Each deck is carefully manufactured by the USPCC on extremely durable and flexible stock that has been pressed to a specific thinness for better execution of difficult sleight of hand like bottom dealing and center dealing. A precise embossing also allows the cards to properly breathe and glide over each other.

Bicycle Gold Standard Playing cards have been meticulously designed to support the needs of magicians, gamblers and card mechanics. They never have to be broken in and feel incredible in your hands right out of the box. Per popular demand, a set of matching jokers and a blank-faced card are also included in every deck of Bicycle Gold Standard Playing Cards for enhanced card magic possibilities.

A Traditional Cut for Professional Magicians

The easiest way to tell a deck of Bicycle Gold Seal Playing Cards and Bicycle Standard Playing Cards apart is the bright gold seal on the tuck case stating the cards are “Traditionally Cut for the Professional”.

The traditional cut of this deck of cards is undoubtedly its standout feature. Turner worked closely with the USPCC to ensure it was cut to his rigorous specifications. Every playing card has a perfect edge that flawlessly interlaces for crisp clean shuffles. This will be especially evident when performing knacky shuffles like the faro shuffle or one-handed shuffle.

The Final Verdict

Bicycle Gold Seal Playing Cards were designed by one of the most skilled card mechanics in the world. They're often thought of as the best cards for magic. Every detail has been carefully crafted to improve the performance of magicians, gamblers and card mechanics. We'd love it if some popular trick decks had Gold Seal versions, maybe one day. Those who demand the best should look for the gold seal on the front of their Bicycle Playing Cards that ensures they’re “Traditionally Cut for the Professional.”

While Bicycle Gold Seal Playing Cards are popular, there are some other amazingly stylish playing cards and extremely rare cards you should check out!

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