Magicians' Rope 33' (Soft)

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Magicians' Rope 33' (Soft) - magic

Rope magic is an essential and interesting branch of magic. 

There are several interesting ways by which a magician can use a piece of rope. Cut & restore, ring on rope knot etc. are but a few interesting rope magic's. Unfortunately till date the magicians had to depend upon the coarse ropes available in the market which were unsuitable for magic. Just imagine, you are performing your favorite cut and restore rope trick and the rope you are using denies to be cut. The rope used in magic should have such softness that it should be cut very easily as smooth as cutting butter with a knife. This rope is perfect for small hands; the diameter is smaller than average magician's rope!


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April 5, 2020
I go through a lot of rope - about six feet per show. For years, I've been purchasing 300' spools of 3/8 inch, bright white rope from Denny & Lee. That source is now gone, so I'm on a search for a new supplier. Last week, I purchased five separate rope products from Vanishing Inc Magic. I often find that retailers don't provide the information I want to know about their rope products. Granted, they are likely providing whatever specs the manufacturer provides. Thus, I am writing reviews for the five products I have purchased and hope that you find them helpful.
Cost: 15.15 cents per foot ($5 for 33 ft)
Color: dull white
Thickness: 1/4 inch
Core: none
Feel: loose and limp
Other: rope has a strong chemical odor


Einar Aron

The rope works well for cut and restored rope, cuts easily but will throw dust from it when you cut it. However, I would not recommend it for any other type of rope magic. The rope is stretchy and does not work for professional nightmare and other magic of that source.
You can not fold the end inside of itself so the only way to close the end is with glue.


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