Ringing in a Cooler

Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson
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Ringing in a Cooler

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Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson ($7.00)

A renowned expert on gambling sleights and hustles, Paul Wilson, shows you some of his favorite methods to switch one deck of cards for another. These sleights are practical techniques that, after some practice, will allow you to undetectably swap an entire deck of playing cards right under your audience's nose. When used correctly, these devious techniques can elevate your magic to another level.


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If you do any work with memorized, stacked, gimmicked or gaffed decks you need to know more than one way to load and ditch said decks. This video is a steal for t he price. Paul Wilson delivers what can be considered a short masterclass on the subject. Any of these switches can elevate your magic to a higher level. Needless to say I am very pleased with my purchase.



This tutorial by Paul Wilson is essential for anyone using a cold deck and isn't that everyone who does card magic?
You will learn that there is no need for special props with the methods that are taught, at most just a card box.
Paul Wilson is a great teacher. He explains everything in great detail and the camera work is what you would expect from Art of Magic.



R. Paul is an amazing resource for table workers, as well as a terrific teacher. This video contains very useable strategies and techniques for the tabled deck switch. Highly recommend.



Who better than Paul Wilson to provide us with several practical methods for ringing in a cooler. The hundreds he did filming his BBC television series are probably more than any crooked gambler did under fire in their lifetime.

I particularly like that he teaches methods both for under fire and "on the offbeat." All are deceptive, elegant and practical. His advice on "getting in" and "getting out" is something I have never found in the few other places a cooler has been taught. Thanks Paul, thanks Art of Magic.



This is a great introduction to deck switching. I do agree with one of the other reviews that the explanations could have benefited from slowing down significantly at times, but it’s not a huge problem. I just had to hit pause and replay a few extra times.



This is an excellent video on how to switch a deck in play. Much has been written on this subject as well as a number of videos. However, this video demonstrates some very practical deck switches which could be used by the magician for switching in a memorized deck or that special setup for the final effect.



I was hoping for a slow step by step movements.

Ringing in a Cooler by Paul Wilson