Boom Box

Trick by Andrew Neiner
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Boom Box

29.95 usd

Trick by Andrew Neiner (29.95)

In stock.

"Boom Box" is a switching device that hides in plain sight and allows you to switch cards, business cards, billets, and even coins in plain sight. Plus, it comes with ten routines from Craig Petty.

Boom Box is built into what appears to be an ordinary Bicycle Rider Back card box. This mechanical switching device is as easy to use as putting a deck of cards on the table. Each Boom Box is manufactured in the United States by a magician and ready to go right out of the box.

In addition to the precision-made gimmick, you’ll also receive an in-depth tutorial on how to use Boom Box, as well as ten fantastic routines from Craig Petty. Craig has hands-on this for months before anyone else and has been developing routines with transpositions, predictions, ink reforming itself on business cards, drawing duplications, and an ACAAN that might be the best one he’s ever created. Craig will also set your mind ablaze with new concepts and ideas that you’ll want to explore so you can add Boom Box to your existing routines.


Customer reviews for Boom Box



I rarely, and I mean really rarely, give a product a "rave" review, but this is the coolest idea I've seen in a very long time. I buy a LOT of magic and seldomly see something that is so good as a "utility" that it will get your creative juices flowing immediately.

At first I was a bit concerned about the tuck box and the duplicative sides, but after hundreds of performances, I have never once been called out.

AND...if that's not enough, the tutorial video includes Craig Petty as an instructor/teacher. He is one of the most creative guys in magic and he doesn't disappoint here. His routines are crisp, visual and very smooth. Honestly, they could have released the box with a standard tutorial and then offered Craig's input on a DVD or download for an extra cost.

Trust me, just watching the tutorial is riveting and if you choose only one or two of the routines Craig teaches to perform in your gig, you will get huge responses.

'Nuff said!



Upon first inspection I thought that the construction was poor and wouldn't last a few goes around. Surprisingly it really does hold up well. Its functional and does what it's supposed to do. As its a card box you'll need to treat it as such.



It’s exactly what I expected it was. Very well made and a great switching device. Probably would have been much cheaper had the packaging not been so elaborate. LOL.



At first I had my doubts on the construction of the device/ gimmick. But after putting it to the test this thing is amazing and now has a place along side my other switching devices. The more I use it the more I love it.


Community questions about Boom Box

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  • Ben asks: This looks identical to Romero Box. Is there sufficient difference to warrant this as a separate release?

    • 1. Craig answers: I haven't seen the Ellusionist box but was hired to create routines for the Penguin version. I know they have had this in development for years and I have been working with it for 6 months. They could have rushed it out but instead wanted to create the best possible product for their customers. From waht I have been told one of the big differences is that The Boom Box has a locking feature which is not present in the Ellusionist box. Obviously both are based on Boxing Match but the use of Elastic thread in the Boo box adds a locking feature which unlike Magnetic boxes can be released with no moves. From my POV the big difference is the routines that are included in the Penguin version. These are some of the best routines I have ever created and the doodle duplication and the ACAAN ar performed by me daily. I spent a long time creating what I think are some killer applications for this box and it's something I use every time I am at a gig. Hope that helps
    • 2. Ben answers: Thank you Craig for the helpful response. For reference, the Romero Box is not an Ellusionist release.
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  • Ava Angela asks: I have similarly-functioning box from Mikael Chatelain. How is this different? Thank you?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are a few versions out there of this kind of switching box. What the Boom Box version has going for it is a locking mechanism that can hold the switched card in and still be accessible without needing to do anything extra. There is no reset, and the box holds an entire deck of cards.
  • Claire asks: When will this be sent out?

    • 1. Tommy answers: Why? Why can’t everyone know about stock?
    • 2. Braeden answers: > Questions about stock, availability etc. should be emailed and not posted here.
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  • Matthew asks: is this available in a blue bicycle box?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is only available in red.
  • Philip asks: How durable is this box expected to be?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's built from a standard card box, so handle it just as you would a normal card box to ensure it stays in shape.
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