B'Wave Deluxe

Trick by Max Maven
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B'Wave Deluxe

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Trick by Max Maven (19.95)

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B'Wave Deluxe - magic
B'Wave Deluxe B'Wave Deluxe B'Wave Deluxe B'Wave Deluxe B'Wave Deluxe B'Wave Deluxe

B'wave Deluxe

Eugene Burger called it “The best packet trick of the 20th century.” B’Wave Deluxe is a prediction of a thought-of picture card. Not only is the card they name face up, but it is the only card with a different colored back. And if that wasn’t enough, all the other cards are blank! For the first time ever B’Wave Deluxe comes with an instructional download from the creator himself, Max Maven. The download contains Max’s latest scripting, handlings, and theory on the legendary effect. The kit comes with multiple sets of gimmicks, allowing you to perform the effect with jacks, queens, or kings. Want to perform the effect but want to use don’t want to use blank cards? Also included are three jokers so you can perform the effect any way you choose.

  • Packs small, plays big
  • Three phase dramatic structure
  • Easy to do with a huge payoff
  • Can be performed as a magic trick, or as a mentalism prediction

Even if you already own B’Wave, Max Maven will reveal the real work on this trick. You don’t want to miss this!


Customer reviews for B'Wave Deluxe



An incredible Classic close up effect that gets great reactions. I use this many Corporate Close up Strolling events over last 15 yrs or so and it always plays strong.I use a comical routine and make it lots of fun for the guests. Having different card options in this deluxe set is a real bonus. Highly Recommended

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B'Wave is one of the best packet tricks I know and one of the few that I actually perform. This Deluxe edition comes with several gimmicks for the effect with an excellent video from Max Maven himself, so you can learn all the details directly from the creator. The video itself is worth purchasing even if you already have the gimmick.



Very cool and the “trick” element pretty much takes care of itself so you can focus on the performance. And Max Maven’s performances are always a treat.



4 cards ! 4 mins to learn ! 4 entertaining anyone anywhere ;-] soooo good



Incredible! Simple and easy. This absolutely blows people away!



This is considered by many as "the greatest packet trick" and I share that belief. B'Wave may be a classic, but it will never be outdated. Spectators go nuts over this. It's a brilliant multiphase routine. Triple kickers. The tutorial is short and simple, just Max speaking to a stationary camera. The deluxe comes with red queens and black kings. Once you know the method you could theoretically use any card that fits the bill. It takes simplicity to maximum impact. I can't express enough how great this is.



This has become my everyday carry. What a great piece of direct mentalism. Quick and hard hitting. Love it!



"B'Wave Deluxe" is a classic magic trick that has been updated with modern touches by Max Maven. The trick involves making a selected card disappear and reappear between two cards. The trick is simple to perform and requires no sleight of hand, making it a great option for beginners and pros alike. The props included are high quality and durable, making it a great investment for anyone looking to add a new trick to their arsenal. Overall, "B'Wave Deluxe" is a fun and impressive trick that is sure to impress audiences and keep them guessing



Someone asked recently "What is your EDC?" and B'Wave got mentioned again and again, and there's a reason for that: It's a phenomenal trick! It's easy to do and has tremendous impact. Furthermore, Max Maven was a past master of equivoque, and B'Wave can be, if you really dig into it, a master class on that subject. The video instructions that come with the trick are clear, meaning understandable AND technically well produced; and any chance to hear Max expand on magic is not to be missed. Can't say enough good about this purchase.



An excellent effect so much more than the sum of its parts. Expertly explained by Max...outlining perfectly how thus should be performed for maximum impact. An easily carried winner all day long!



B'wave is an amazing effect and has been around for many years. When performed properly it kills. Take the time to learn to perform it correctly and you will blow minds with this. The download by Max Maven is the real deal. Follow what he says and you have pure gold here.



Bwave is one of the best packet tricks that I have. I love its simplicity, easy handling, practicality and strong impact. Moreso, several substitute cards are provided. What more can you ask for? You can't go wrong with Max Maven handling the tutorial himself, which is a plus. This EDC item is a must-have. Just read the 5-star comments that made this wonderful trick a no-brainer. Highly recommended.



Truly amazing work from a Mentalism Legend. Love the deluxe version where you can mix and match. A part of my EDC, and it is simple to perform. The best packet trick you can buy.



B'wave by Max Maven is a classic for a reason. Don't let the simplicity of the effect device you, this trick will stun everyone you perform it to and leave them speechless. Provided in the package are several card sets which will allow you to perform B'wave with different colored backs (red or blue), jokers or blank cards, and you use Jacks, Queens, or Kings. This 4 card packet trick is easy to carry around but is an amazing example of strong mentalism. Packs flat, plays extremely big!



This is a modern classic. I bring a set of B'wave wherever I go. It just sits in my wallet and you have a miracle in your hands at any time. You get many sets of the gimmicks, so you don't have to worry about having to buy another set.



I really love how the trick is pretty much self working: it gives you time to really focus on your performance, and I think because of that- it gives the reveal that big hit. Every time I perform this, the reaction is spot on….



B’Wave is an excellent packet mentalism performance piece . There are two things I particularly like about the B’Wave deluxe package compared with the standard version. First, it comes with several extra special cards which provides more flexibility as it can be repeated for folks in close proximity with a different outcome. Also, it provides back-up cards in the event your special card is soiled or lost. Second, Max Maven’s tutorial provides clear and thoughtful performing tips. One mild issue – while there is a full performance using the table to lay down the cards, it would have been helpful to provide a second performance with the volunteer holding the cards in his / her hands, although the explanation of this optional non-table approach is clear and effective. I understand why this effect has stood the test of time!

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You may not know this effect if you are new to magic. Congratulations -- you have come accross one of the best effects in magic you will ever find. This is the type of thing that has people believing in real magic or mentalism powers. And the best part is, it is extremely easy, IF you learn the nuances in wording provided by Max. The video provided will teach you valuable tips that you will use for this particular technique for the rest of your life. This is an absolute must buy.



First off, I could listen to Max Maven talk about any and every possible kind of magic. I have always wanted this effect.I also own Twisted Sisters. I agree with Max Maven that B’Wave is stronger. Many times, less is more. B’Wave is performed with less cards, but it’s the patter that sells this trick. Definitely added to my close up performances.



As a new hobbyist magician BWave was exactly the kind of packet trick I was looking for. Easy to learn, excellent video tutorial, and a amazing trick that always entertains. The tutorial taught by Max Maven provides a great routine to use as is or to use as building blocks for one of your own.



Really great stuff here. Max Maven is a Genius when it comes to creating simple hard hitting effects. Super easy to do, good video instructions and USPCC cards, so you know you‘re getting the good stuff. Also shipping went really quickly. It’s a pleasure to perform!!

VI Monthly


I’ve been performing B’Wave for 15 years. I bought this to get some new cards, but the video turns out to be the real gem. One of the best “one trick” videos I’ve seen and a model for others to follow. I learned new touches and things I’d forgotten.



B'wave is an excellent packet trick to introduce when someone is burning your hands looking for any possible sleights. For this person, B'wave will hit even harder because they literally won't see any sleights. It will feel like real mind control. On the provided streaming video, Max Maven goes over some subtle nuances to presenting the trick that will help tremendously.


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  • Bob asks: Does it require any double lifts?

    • 1. Josh answers: No double lifts needed.
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  • Mark asks: Bicycle backs?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, these include bicycle backed cards.
  • Donal asks: I have a set, and while there are both gimmicked Jacks and kings in both red and blue back, there's only one gimmicked red-backed queen. I'd liked to get a blue-backed gimmicked queen (i.e., I need both a red-backed and a blue-backed gimmicked queen). Even if it means that I will need to purchase another entire set, is it possible to get a set with a blue-backed gimmicked queen?

    • 1. Ruben answers: I would have to agree
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  • Geonho asks: What is the difference between this B'Wave Deluxe and just the regular B'Wave?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are more cards in the Deluxe version (to be used as backups).
  • Branch asks: Is Max Maven on the video explaining the trick or someone else?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, Max does explain the routine on the video.
  • Sydney asks: Do you know when this will be back in stock?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sorry, we don't!
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