Card Dodgery

By J.K. Hartman
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Card Dodgery

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Book or download by J.K. Hartman (Book $40.00 or download for $30.00)

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J.K. Hartman is a creative legend. He has been publishing groundbreaking material since 1970. With books like Card Craft, After Craft, and CAAN Craft, he has cemented his reputation as one of the most prolific, innovative card magicians of our time.

Mr. Hartman has announced that his last contribution will be Card Dodgery, and we are honored to be the publisher. You will find that this volume is a swan song for the ages, and a fitting end to an illustrious publishing career.

Card Dodgery is a handsome volume, with 383 pages and over 60 new effects and moves. At the conclusion of the book, we include a rare interview with the elusive Mr. Hartman; it’s the first time he has ever done an interview of this nature for magicians.

Free download
The effects are, as always, fun, unique, easy-to-do, and completely deceptive. And here’s the best part. When you purchase Card Dodgery from us, you will immediately get a FREE DOWNLOAD with Andi Gladwin performing and explaining nine items from the book. You will get to see just how great these effects look at performance speed while you are waiting for the book to arrive.

383 pages with 350 illustrations by the best in the business, Tony Dunn.


  • Pushunder Switch
  • Deeper Dupers
  • Outjog Force
  • One O’Cut
  • CP Force
  • Passkey
  • Double Deeper
  • I Think I.C.A.A.N.
  • Position Possession
  • Suggestion Box
  • Boxsome Beauty
  • Pig Out
  • Garden of Eaten
  • Johns & Jills
  • Subterfuse
  • One Down, Two to Go
  • Three to the Fourth Power
  • 4’11
  • Re-Orient Express II
  • Back to Back to Back...
  • Set-Two II
  • Jo-Con
  • Less is More
  • Invisibull
  • Speaking of Jokers
  • Trap Rap
  • Out and Over
  • A Likely Story II
  • JK Aitches
  • Four-Way Foray
  • Laughing Ass
  • Pull Pushers
  • Speed Trap
  • Poker Face-to-Face
  • Piano Forte
  • Cut Fight
  • Carlo Monte
  • Class Cut II
  • Bottom Out
  • High Minded
  • Hand Shake
  • Poker Face-Off II
  • Ladies First
  • Thought Up
  • Sleight of Handle
  • Numiracle
  • Numoracle
  • Matching Match
  • One of a Mind II
  • Color Guller
  • Difference Maker
  • Lo and Foretold
  • Cutting a Deal
  • Ultra Impromptu
  • Match & Mix
  • The One and Only & Psy Five
  • Guess Star
  • Suito Psychometry
  • Simple Simon
  • Psi-Cycle
  • Holey Grail
  • Interview
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Customer reviews for Card Dodgery



As a converted fan of books over videos, J K Hartman books have become staple items on my bookshelf. Although I now prefer books, I really did appreciate the wonderful video performances and explanations that Andi Gladwin so nicely included covering several of his favorite routines from the book. This book is a very easy read and I find the effects fairly easy to follow (although some need a second or third "going over") but that is with most any magic book I am finding. As I type this review, the book is already showing out of stock on this site. Hopefully it is not already OOP and not gonna be re-done. It states that this is J K Hartman's "Last Book" and I hope it doesn't become as scarce as his first book. I have seen Card Craft recently being offered up for $300.00 'and wish I had the money to grab that one even'.

All said and done, get on the notification list here on the site and grab it while / when you can. A great treat for all card workers and J K Hartman fans alike. The book itself is a fantastic size (I prefer this size over the larger books I own) The layout and illustrations are great too. Thanks V.I. for producing another fine piece of "Magic Book Art".



The production quality of this book is exceptional and the magic contained within is great too. J.K. Hartman's specific ways of thinking about card magic is evident throughout this work despite his shadowy presence—or lack of presence—in the magic community. He is a man of efficiency and every move in his magic has a specific purpose. Effects have been stripped of everything extra and left with just the direct effect.

As far as downsides to the book, I sometimes felt the writing was a little unclear in certain places. Also I feel that there are certainly a few duds, but the vast majority of the contents are effects that I can see myself performing. There is a wide variety of card magic in here and anyone who is remotely interested in card magic will almost certainly find something they enjoy. Not to mention by buying it from Vanishing Inc. you receive a great 30 minute download from the ever-charming Andi Gladwin explaining and performing some of his favorite effects from the book!

Overall, I found myself captivated and excited by the card magic J.K. Hartman presents in Card Dodgery and I would recommend it highly to any other card magic lovers!



Within 3 days of reading this !I love it, The big bang theory of evolution of card magic effects by one of the biggest names in card magic this super soft hard book will drive you to read more about his work ! Thanks to vanishing inc we have the opportunity to read j.k hartman 60 new creations that you will take with you and use ! All I can say the imagine effective effects will Rock your friends and family! Enjoy reading this book!



Throughout the years I've always been a huge fan of J.K. Hartman and proudly own all his books. Card Dodgery is no better nor worse than his earlier books but equally outstanding and a must-have for any card magician.

I'm so very impressed with the quality of this book in both its build and contents. My old-fart attitude towards young magicians softens every time I purchase something from Vanishing Inc. I fear less for this wonderful artform when I see what the talented guys here are up to and believe they've taken J.K. Hartman honorably across the finish line if this is truly his last book.

Very Highly Recommended


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  • Anthony asks: Hi, it says above "possibly discontinued" - is it still available? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, it is discontinued.
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