Mo' Monte

Trick by Max Maven
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Mo' Monte

19.95 usd

Trick by Max Maven (19.95)

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Mo' Monte - magic
Mo' Monte Mo' Monte Mo' Monte Mo' Monte Mo' Monte Mo' Monte

A remarkable, easy-to-do effect from Max Maven that gets maximum value out of just three cards.

Despite the fact that some mentalists aren't fond of playing cards, legendary mentalist Max Maven was the complete opposite. In fact, he was one of the most prolific packet trick creators of the modern era, producing 100s, if not 1000s, of tricks using just a small amount of cards. “Mo’ Monte” though was always one of his favorites. It squeezes so much magic out of the classic con.

The routine begins by offering your audience a chance to enjoy a friendly lesson about why they should never play the legendary street scam Three Card Monte. You show three blank-faced cards with blue backs, allowing them to freely choose a colored sticker that will be used to mark the “winning” card (aka “the money card”).

In Three Card Monte, the goal is to follow the money card. But, you prove that is impossible as it jumps from the bottom to the top and then to the middle before, with a shocking twist, transforms into a red-back card. Then, as a stunning extra kicker, the words “PICK THIS CARD” are magically printed on the back.

See a Live Performance of "Mo' Monte"

“Mo’ Monte” by Max Maven is easy to do and requires just a few simple moves that any magician can learn. It comes with specially-printed cards and a sheet of the perfect stickers for the routine. And, yes, it really only uses 3 cleverly-designed cards.

The detailed video instructions are presented by Erik Tait who had the privilege of discussing this routine directly with Max at FISM. He shares many of the most important lessons he learned from the master about this innovative take on classic Monte routines.

Get “Mo’ Monte” and discover how much incredible magic and huge reactions can be packed into a small packet of cards that can be carried with you anywhere.


Customer reviews for Mo' Monte



I love the way Eric explains his tricks and this one is certainly no exception. A fun, easy to do card trick that is an immersive story for the spectator and yet leaves them wondering "how did they do that?" While the cards provided are required to do this trick, you can creatively expand this using similar cards and who know, take it to a whole new level! There is some sleigh of hand with the card handling but as with any other routine, practice makes perfect. But there is nothing insurmountable or terribly difficult to master with this – if anything, mastering the story telling part really makes this trick sing! So, be brave, order it, practice and go have some fun!


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