Poker Test 2.0

Trick by Erik Casey
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Poker Test 2.0

24.95 usd

Trick by Erik Casey (24.95)

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A versatile gimmick that requires no sleights combined with a simple and powerful routine.

The Poker Test 2.0, by Erik Casey, is an updated version of his original Poker Test trick. It includes a new and versatile gimmick that is leagues above the original Poker Test gimmick that allows for more routines to be done besides the signature effect. This new and versatile gimmick allows for any cards to be the "prestige" cards. You can choose a different poker hand, a use it for a multiple card revelation, or to produce a four of a kind. You are only limited by your imagination with the cards. The signature effect, of course being, The Poker Test. There is no better trick out there that can get your audience as involved like The Poker Test does, this is a trick that you are sure to take everywhere you go.

Phase 1: Observation
You ask the audience to participate in an observation test and to focus on the details of what they see before them. And the note that there are no extra cards in either hand, it is a fair test.

Phase 2: The "Easy" Question
You start by asking an easy question, which the audience can easily answer. And they answer correct in telling you the number of cards in your hand.

Phase 3: The "Hard" Question
You tell the audience that the next few questions will be harder than before. By asking what the bottom card was, you seem to confuse the audience, for this question was just as easy as the previous. But to everyone's surprise, a card has impossibly appeared where the blank card was held.

Phase 4: The "Harder" Question
Ask the audience to dig deep into their memory and remember what the color was on the back of the playing cards. But alas, the color of all five cards has changed! Just as openly and five times as amazing as the first change.

Phase 5: The "Hardest" Question
Now that all the cards backs have impossibly changed colors, its time to draw the audiences attention back to the faces of the cards. Asking them to recall what the other four cards were seems like an easy feat. As you slowly drop your hand down to reveal the faces of the said four blank cards, you now hold in your hand an entire Royal Flush!

  • Can be done sleeveless, or naked
  • Resets in a matter of seconds
  • Self contained
  • Gimmicks included
  • Bonus handling and routine ideas
  • Versatile gimmick


Customer reviews for Poker Test 2.0


Raul (Jay)

This is one of the best packet tricks I’ve ever performed because you done need to put the cards on a table. The magic happens right in my hands, and the spectator doesn’t need to look down.

I love the fact that you can change the cards out for other gaffed cards. The best thing a about this trick is that there’s no need to hand the cards out after the trick. You can just put them away.

The only minor issue I have is that the blank cards get dirty after plenty of uses. I love carrying the trick in my pro carrier by Joshua Jay, and I can Jay whip out poker test and it’s ready to go. It even looks great when I performed in on my IG page.

Another great thing about this trick is that Eric shows you how to make more of them so that I can carry different packets with the same effect with different cards.



I love this trick so much. There's 3 moments of magic, each getting more impossible. It's very visual and it works live and it will also look incredible on social media. I've been doing this since I got it and you get great reactions. Highly recommended.



Before I explain my situation let me say I love this trick 5/5 such a cool and creative trick. Now I received my trick and DVD everything was perfect the DVD was well put together and the teachings were excellent. I practiced the trick and got it down and I went to work the next morning and when I started to do the trick it wasn't working, I then realized that the gimmick had mostly worn off of some of the cards, Erick shows you how to re create the gimmick so it's an easy fix but I was just disoppointed that the very first time I went to perform the trick it didn't work :/ still 5/5 don't hesitate to get the trick!


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  • Randy asks: What’s the difference between poker test 2.0 and the original poker test?

    • 1. Jim answers: The gimmick is new and improved.
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  • Sterling asks: Do you have refills?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately no refills.
  • Richard asks: How hard is it for a beginner to perform? Is there any sleight of hand?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's great for beginners! No sleights.
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