The Show

By Woody Aragon
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The Show

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DVD or download by Woody Aragon (DVD $30.00 or download for $30.00)

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The Show - magic
The Show The Show The Show The Show The Show The Show

Many magicians recognize the power of a memorized deck, but in The Show, Woody gives us an entire 40-minute show using the principle. With the deck set in order at the beginning, you are able to perform an entire show of card material, with each trick better than the last, and each trick different than the one before.

Woody Aragon is a master magician, and he understands the necessary components of a powerful act. Drama, variety, and a natural build are required to get people to leap to their feet. In The Show you will possess all of these components, each trick setting up the next. You'll learn:

The Blushing Card - In a blue deck, any named card changes to a red-backed card, and then a second named card changes.

Card at Name - An spectator names any card and then their name is spelt, one card per letter. The named card is discovered on the last letter. 

Top or Bottom - A named card is not there...and then it is!

Rub-A-What? - A quick routine of visual transformations and appearances.

"Eish" of Diamonds - A comedy routine with a surprise ending.

Texas Hold'em - A Poker exhibition full of twists and surprises. 

Mnemo-fry - One of Woody's signature effects. The deck is shuffled by a spectator and he picks a packet of cards. The magician guesses every card.

TeleTriumph II - A whole act in itself, Woody has combined several effects in one long, astounding routine.

Woody teaches his own Memorandum stack, but most of the routines work with any memdeck.

Running time: 2 hours 47 minutes. Available as a DVD or Download 

Woody Aragon Memorised Deck set

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Customer reviews for The Show



Oh, wow, how amazing! it is a real extreme good card magic show. all tricks and stuff impromptu. it is amazing. very good interacting with the audience. good tricks and variations. just watched the show. i want to watch now the explanation part. cant wait to perform tricks of it! you need to have this!!



Absolutely brilliant from a magic genius!



Hello, this is great content and contains very strong magic. You can see the show, which is entertaining and funny. Woody explains the tricks very well and in detail. Even though you already have book Memorandum by Woody, this is great addition for you!



Woody did a complete show with a mem deck, specifically with his Memorandum stack. Not only the methods are explained, but also the whole stack and how to memorized any stack. Some of the effects are dependent of the Memorandum stack, some other don’t. Mnemo-fry is one of my favorites.

This DVD gets my recommendation for anyone that wants to learn memorized deck magic. If you believe that you will have troubles memorizing the stack, get The Memory Arts directly from Vanishing Inc.


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  • Quinn asks: How much of the material you learn is transferable to other stacks (eg Mnemonica)

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Most of the trick will work with any other stack like Mnemonica or Si Stebbins
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  • Blass asks: How long will it take to learn the stack?

    • 1. Dottore answers: It is variable, depending on the student, their experience and skill.
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