Trick by Kyle Littleton
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Trick by Kyle Littleton (25.00)

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3G - magic
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3G is about to become your go-to pocket effect. We say "pocket effect" because it was created specifically to be performed in impromptu settings. It uses the most casual of props: a pack of gum. You show the gum clearly between your otherwise empty fingers and shake. The gum VISIBLY transforms into a different brand and color. You shake again. AND AGAIN it visually transforms brand and color. At this point, you can HAND OUT the package of gum for examination, and invite your spectators to help themselves to a piece.

Whether you use this as an icebreaker to meet people or as a visual effect in your next show, 3G is entirely self-contained, meaning there is nothing "else" that you need to have in your pockets or in palm to perform. The props are handmade and of beautiful quality. Best of all, the trick is easy to learn, with no serious angle issues and limitless presentational possibilities.

Kyle also teaches you the full routine that he designed 3G for. Be sure to check out the change of a watch into a cell phone. It looks amazing!

SPECIAL OFFER: 3G Creator Kyle Littleton is giving away 400Lux (download) FOR FREE when you purchase 3G. 400Lux is a Ones to Hundreds effect with EXAMINABLE money. No gimmicks at all required.

“I love this routine! It’s unique, deceptive and hilarious!” Nicholas Lawrence

“This trick is pure eye candy. Wait, is gum considered candy? This trick is pure eye-gum 3G is the perfect pocket magic. Visual changes like this usually aren’t this easy, but Kyle’s got you covered with this clever bit of kit.”Caleb Wiles


Customer reviews for 3G



The instructions are good but I do wish that the performance was done first then the explanation. Or at least did everything in full speed at the end. Also seeing the whole routine including the extra bonus tricks at full speed. So basically we can see the entire routine not just the gum trick all in one go.



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If you use chewing gum or perform magic to people who chew gum, this is a startling and very visual trick. Instructions on how to make the gimmicked pack of gum were available to the magic community some time ago but Vanishing Inc. provide a ready made gimmick inside a very neat little box. The gimmick is well made (presumably individually hand made.). The second one I've had is constructed more carefully than the first one (which had a thin piece of silver lining paper visible on the edge of one of the wrappers where two different coloured wrappers are glued together.) However, this was not a big issue and, in the very well made video, Kyle Littleton teaches you very thoroughly exactly how to handle the gimmick in performance. Kyle is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher and close up shots of the handling are well shot. This will require practice. Practice, practice, practice in front of a mirror and then try it out on your best critic before including it in a gig. The gimmick comes with a piece of dense foam inside it. This makes the gimmick quite light and easy to handle but you can replace the foam block with real sticks of gum (and hand them out at the end of the routine.) With a little extra sleight of hand, (a simple switch) you can end completely 'clean.' An ideal EDC, but only if you would normally carry gum. Before buying this, I suggest that you ask yourself whether or not tricks with Tic Tacs or Polo mints (Life Savers) might be a better fit with your persona. If you do buy this, you need to think about where you go after this with your magic routine. 3G would make a good opener in many informal settings. Offering someone some gum can be a friendly thing to do (if you have gum chewing friends, that is.) But what do you do next? Having turned an informal social group into your latest audience by wowing them with 3G, where do you take them next? You don't need sleeves to perform 3G, but you do need 'something up your sleeve' to follow on after it. Why not get your wallet out and perform 400 Lux? If you do not have 400 Lux already, the inclusion of the second trick as a free download makes this quite a bargain. Despite the caveats about your personal style, I highly recommend 3G. Another great product from Vanishing Inc.


Community questions about 3G

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  • bobby asks: Would you say "3G" is self working?

    • 1. Ehrin answers: Nope
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  • Glenn asks: Can you do 3G over and over? In other words, will it eventually wear out? I have a similar trick now, but it is wearing thin; that's why I ask. Thank you.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The gimmick is carefully made and treated to last a very long time.
  • Royce asks: So can this be done by a beginner?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It certainly can. It's not very difficult.
  • Mauro asks: Hey, is it possible to perform 3G with a different brand of gum (italian)? Thank you !

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: In this case, you need to make your own gimmick
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  • david asks: I saw people sitting behind the performer in the video. Can this effect be done surrounded? Are there angle issues?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: So long as you cover the back of the gimmick with your body, you can do it surrounded.
  • Tony asks: Would you say the effect relies on the very large motions the performer is making in the video? It's not a deal-breaker. It just seems like it would be far more convincing if the motions could be smaller. Thoughts?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Some motion is required for the changes.
  • Douglas asks: Could 3G be used in conjunction with Sticky Situation? I finish with a full pack of Juicy Fruit. If so, this could really create an amazing flurry of changes.

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    • Cody asks: could this be used with a pack of juicy fruit from Canada for example?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yup!
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