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Trick by Werry ($24.95)

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AmazeCups - magic
AmazeCups AmazeCups AmazeCups AmazeCups AmazeCups AmazeCups

Coins. Glitter. Salt. Milk. Juice. M&Ms. You can make so many things appear when you perform AmazeCups.

You show three small cups, one at a time. Each is completely empty. Snap your fingers and you can pour a stream of shiny pennies, a cascade of sprinkles, or a cupful of milk. Watch the video to see how easy this is to do.

This is one of our favorite tricks for children and family audiences. Created by German magic inventor, Werry, in the 1960s, he called it AquaCups. Now it's been enlarged and redesigned. You get…

  • Three gold-color, shotglass-sized plastic cups that will not rust, dent or scratch.
  • A larger, redesigned gimmick that’ll hold a bigger load.
  • Downloadable instructions with 13 photos and script

Best news. You can learn AmazeCups from the instructions in ten minutes. Really. No rubber covers, no palming, no steals. It’s self-contained!

Or...learn Bill Cook's three-phase routine to produce salt. First you pour a stream of salt. When you pour again, the quantity seems to increase magically. On the final pour, it fills the cup and spills over the top! Watch the video. His routine was featured the TV show, Masters of Illusion. It'll fool you--guaranteed!

Make AmazeCups part of your family show repertoire. Or, because they’ll fit in your jacket pocket, you can perform this up-close as well. Use the script that comes with the prop or use your own presentation! You’ll get ooohs and ahhhs from kids, adults--actually everyone--every time you perform it.


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  • 1.

    Simon asks: Could these be used in a cups and balls routine for a surprise kicker?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While they could theoretically work, it is likely that the routine may be a little clumsy as they aren't designed to stack as effortlessly as more traditional Cups and Balls cups.
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  • 2.

    Damian asks: could you produce/vanish half dollar sized coins with these?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Smaller coins would be better but technically you could, yes.
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Customer reviews for AmazeCups



Everything Danny Orleans does is just perfect for kids shows although you can use this for adult magic also. Super easy, you'll be able to perform with these cups in about ten minutes or less after watching the video. I recommend especially if you're performing for kids it's a no brainer



So many possibilities with these. Very fun and easy to perform tricks with I like using coins with these



Wonderful prop with many uses. But, what's with the video instructions? Two of the five are the same thing with different titles, and one is about a Christmas Themed Cut and Restored Ribbon????

AmazeCups by Werry