52 Explorations

By Andi Gladwin and Jack Parker
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52 Explorations

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Book or download by Andi Gladwin and Jack Parker (Book $60.00 or download for $45.00)

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52 Explorations - magic
52 Explorations 52 Explorations 52 Explorations 52 Explorations 52 Explorations 52 Explorations 52 Explorations 52 Explorations 52 Explorations 52 Explorations 52 Explorations 52 Explorations 52 Explorations 52 Explorations 52 Explorations 52 Explorations

A secret we’ve kept for years is finally revealed.

Longtime members of the Vanishing Inc. Family likely know that Jack Parker was one of our favorite card magicians. To call his card magic “extraordinary” truly doesn’t even feel like a strong enough word. He was a genius with a deck of playing cards that had an uncanny knack for creating visual and astounding magic that was often surprisingly easy to do.

Jack has received endless praise from some of the most elite magicians in the world. Our own Andi Gladwin studied alongside him and had the pleasure of calling him a friend. Andi always felt Jack’s magic deserved to be compiled in a big, beautiful book, but Jack never felt the time was right.

That was until Jack was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Prior to his passing, he spent many months with Andi creating 52 Memories. This remarkable book was an instant smash-hit and bestseller that has been praised as a modern classic of card magic.

But, there was something we never told you…

The truth is, we had actually planned two big book projects with Jack. Since he passed away right before the first book was released, we were never quite sure of when we should unveil the second collection of material from this extraordinary man.

15 years after Jack’s passing, the sequel to 52 Memories has finally arrived. 52 Explorations contains 52 more of Jack Parker’s best creations. This is hard-hitting, practical, amazing card magic that truly embodies what made Jack so special.

You’ll learn full routines and original ideas like the Profusion Principle, color changes like the Fade Change and innovative sleight of hand moves like the Hands Up Vanish. There’s even an entire chapter dedicated to a little-known mathematical principle that will fool even the most analytical audiences—even while they hold the cards in their hands.

As this is our final chance to explore the endlessly-creative mind of Jack Parker, nothing is held back. 52 Explorations offers Jack Parker’s most cherished secrets. This includes a multi-phased Seven Card Assembly trick that only Jack’s closest friends had ever known until now. It is quite possibly the most perfectly-constructed routine Jack ever devised.

The end of 52 Explorations is also truly unique in a way unlike any other magic book we’ve ever produced. As a final gift to Andi, Jack hid three tricks until after his death. These were tricks that had never been shared anywhere else before. After Andi spent a significant amount of time deconstructing the methods, we are able to bring these never-before-seen effects to you. This includes quite possibly the most intriguing Open Travelers ever constructed.

Like you’ve come to expect from all Vanishing Inc. magic books, 52 Explorations is a stunning hardback book with an expertly-designed layout and gorgeous illustrations. It’s designed to pair perfectly with 52 Memories- Retrospective Edition on your bookshelf (which was also reprinted in limited quantities as part of this special release).

After all these years, we are so thrilled to give Jack Parker’s finally legacy the honor it truly deserves.

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Customer reviews for 52 Explorations



Andy has done an incredible job in producing this books. Fantastic material!
This is a book that really stimulate creativity and the methods are adaptable to many other ideas, both of mentalists and magicians. I highly recommend this book!



This book is beautifully done. This is a very beautiful production by Vanishing Inc. The cover, format and paper are impressive. You just have to find a place in your library. We are also delighted to be able to collect some missing works of the much missed Jack Parker. Continuing on from 52 Memories, this volume is a must-have and a must-have. I also love the quality of explanations. Recommended. Very good value for money.



I have been looking through this book recently and like its predecessor 52 memories is another outstanding publication from VANISHINGinc. Jack Parker was a genius with the tricks he came up with and had a knack for streamlining tricks and I would say the tricks in this book are even easier than the first book but again very hard hitting magic just buy it you will not be disappointed.



I bought 52 memories and this one at the same time and when I finished 52 memories I could not imagine how this book would top that. But it's definitely head to head. If you have to decide between the 2 definitely first get 52 memories. 52 explorations is great the production value is killer and all the magic is just excellent. Get both before they sell out. Do it!



How do I start a review about this book without sounding like everyother review about this book? Truth is I can't. 52 Memorys was a really good book and 52 Explorations has gone beyond the first by making me a Jack Parker fanboy. I have yet to study this material in Ernest because I can't stop jumping around the book trying it all out, And Don't get me started on the Ace assembly section I'm an unashamed lover of four ace tricks. The book is well written with superb illustrations and the book production "As you would expect" is first-rate.



It seems almost impossible that a second volume of over 50 of Jack Parker's original card effects would fully measure up to the first, but 52 Explorations manages it. It has all of the top notch features of 52 Memories: gorgeous production value, clear and concise writing by Andi Gladwin, and a formidable collection of card magic that's practical, often visual, beautifully structured, and engaging.

This is a two volume set that is nothing less than essential for card magicians.



The magic in this book is intermediate and it uses sleights you already know. But the presentations and plots are fantastic and fun to perform. Buy this book. You’ll regret missing out when it’s out of production.

VI Monthly


This is a work of art with incredible details to help learning the tricks. the writing style is easy to follow and the illustrations are detailed to help you follow the instructions. I highly recommend this book



This book, as we have come to expect from these guys, is of the highest quality and the material in it is absolute gold. Reputation making quality stuff. A lifetime of possibilities.



What an amazing book love it has improved my practice on end
Very clear I am forever dipping into it
Fantastic ????



This had a lot to live up to, as 52 Memories is one of my favorite books. And to be honest it started so slowly that it worried me. The first few chapters weren't terribly interesting. But then it took off like a rocket and became 52 Memories part 2. Jack's trick constructions are so unique and brilliant. And he does it without knuckle-busting sleights but rather with genius routining. Insomnia was the highlight for me -- quintessential Jack Parker -- a jaw-dropping four-phase transposition with just 7 cards and no difficult sleights. Each phase naturally follows from the previous phase with no funny moves or suspicious displacements.

This book gets my highest recommendation and sits proudly alongside 52 Memories. Nobody (but perhaps John Bannon) squeezes so much magic out of so few cards and easy/intermediate sleights. I can't thank Andi enough for the love and care he put into these two volumes, preserving Jack's magic forever.



It's a bank holiday weekend so I've locked myself in a room with plenty of tea and biscuits and a few decks and this book.

I admit I was worried this might be the leftovers from 52 Memories: filler and/or scraps. I was way off.

If you enjoy construction and solving problems, this is a perfect book. Jack solves problems in his own unique ways. If you like the solutions, you'll be happy to be on the same wavelength. If you don't like a particular solution, you'll be inspired anyway.

Methodology-fun aside, performers will find plenty of the commercial here too. There are a number of quickies that may read flat to the hobbyist but are about as clean and fuss-free as can be, and are ready to be put to work.



I’m only a few chapters in, but I loved it immediately. If you liked “52 Memories”, you will not be disappointed. I love the efficiency in the routines; you get SO much magic out of one simple move. Much like the first volume, I would not do most of these routines for spectators. For me, these are fun for showing your magic friends or posting on social media. Bottom line is this is one of my new favorite card magic books.



This book is everything I was hoping it would be and more.
If you liked 52 Memories, you're going to like this one too.



52 Explorations has been a pleasure to explore. While I have just begun reading and working through the vast amount of material -- so far, so great. Clever plots, clearly written, excellent illustrations. This book is a treasure trove of amazing card material to continue exploring for quite a while. Andi Gladwin has brought his late friend’s card magic to life.



Wonderful. Been pouring through the pages since this tome arrived. Can’t get enough of it!



Fantastic book. Superb standard of quality in a book. A lot of great reading at bedtime. I used to think a Haynes manual was a bed time book. Highly recommended
Roger black



What an amazing 2nd installment to the 1st one.

The effects in this 2nd book are as good as the first one, the sleights in this newer book are a lot easier compares to the first book, the section titled "Early Parker" has some of the freshest thinking and effect still to these days.

I do not care for a lot of scripting ideas given that I hate story telling tricks. (same goes to the first book), but the construction of the routine is just so out of box thinking, that I may just tweak the presentation and actually start performing them.

And Aces Assembly section.. oh boy... I wish the effects in this chapter never published...time to go practicing.


Community questions about 52 Explorations

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  • Joseph asks: Why do you never put a page count or number of illustrations on books? It's mindboggling to me and I have sent in this question numerous times. Please add a page count and if possible a count of the illustrations. It would also be a no brainer to note if books are hardcover or paper. Here is an example of how to lay it out: Hardcover (no jacket), XXX pages, XXX illustrations. Thanks, Joe

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There's 273 pages in the book.
  • Theron asks: Will there be a deluxe Edition?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No deluxe edition for this one.
  • David asks: Is there a table of contents that you can share?

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    • Eric asks: Three excellent questions. The way Joseph feels about there not being a note of the number of illustrations, etc., is precisely how I feel about the table of contents. I don’t know if I’ve ever in my life bought a magic book without somehow being able to see the table of contents, but there must be many who do.

      • 1. Charles answers: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=590896432430639&set=a.221009142752705
      • 2. Eric answers: I understand that asking for something like a table of contents appears to strike some here as somehow ridiculous. Fair enough. But I asked the same question about the new Martin Lewis book, which I had likewise seen advertised with no table of contents, and within a day or two, a copy of the TOC was sent to me via PDF. I know I’m just one of those weirdos who thinks that the contents of a magic book is a relevant factor in deciding whether or not to buy it. But for freaks like me, I guess I don’t have to tell you which of the two books in question I will be putting an order in for later today.
      • 3. Jeff answers: Even a simple photo of the toc would suffice.
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    • John asks: Any discount for buying both books?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, we don't tend to discount new releases.
    • Kyenn asks: Is there any tricks that require gimmicks to build?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Almost all the tricks in the book use a normal deck
    • Olivier asks: What is the required level for most routines, in terms of sleight of hands : Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced ?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Beginner to intermediate.
    • Deryck asks: Are the effects as good as the first book, or are the two books a fair balanced mix?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Just as good.
    • Brett asks: Where are the proceeds going?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The hospice where Jack spent the last part of his life.
    • David asks: The original 52 Memoires is still one of my most prized possessions in my library and the news of this hit me like a ton of bricks!!! I remember back when seeing a video of an amazing Ace Assembly routine of Jack's titled "Ace Express". I'm buying this when I can (hopefully this week, fingers crossed). Out of curiosity is "Ace Express" in this book?

      • 1. David answers: It's all good. I (thankfully) was able to place an order just a day after posting this question. I'm actually glad that to me that routine shall remain a mystery through the memories I have had watching that video with some magic buddies online and reacting to it with them in real time! I'm psyched to know that this book shall (fingers crossed and the mail services permitting) will be in my hands in just 5 days! I'm also intrigued by and looking forward to learn more about this 7 card assembly! This books predecessor 52 Memoires holds a special place in my heart that no other book on my shelf can hold and that sentiment goes way beyond the scope of learning magic. I still am pinching myself to make sure that this isn't a dream and that I have a continuation of that work en route to me! I've been having trouble processing this...what an awesome, amazing and completely unexpected surprise! The hours since my order have been as slow for me as that of a small child knowing that in five days it's Christmas, wondering what surprises await them on that day! After I've had time to study the work, as well as other factors (information hidden "between" the lines", etc.) you guys can expect a very enthusiastic review from me! Part of me already wants to rate this 5 stars, as I have no choice but to in my mind...I mean, this is Jack Parker were discussing here, but I'll wait! I'm sure other enthusiasts will beat me to the punch. I look forward to reading other reviews to see what different people's takeaways are regarding this work! Thank you Chris, for taking your time to answer my inquiry and I hope you're doing well!
      • 2. Chris answers: It's referenced in another trick, but not published here as far as I can see.
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    • Derek asks: I assume if one doesn't yet own either book it's best to start with 52 memories?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Both stand on their own. You can choose whichever you prefer the look of.
    • Ron asks: What are the dimensions of the book?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 10.5 x 10.5 x 1.0
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