Magic by Lubor Fiedler

Lubor's Lens Accessory
Lubor's Lens
Accessory by Lubor Fiedler - 8.00

Popularised by Paul Harris and invented by Lubor Fiedler, the Lubor Lens is a fantastic optical illusion. This is a refill pack of 1...

Lubor's Gift Trick
Lubor's Gift
Trick by Lubor Fiedler - 99.95

Kudos to Paul Harris for taking one of the GREATEST illusions and making it more than a puzzle. Her'es what happens: you open up a stamped shipping...

Security Lock Trick
Security Lock
Trick by Lubor Fiedler and Tenyo Magic - 19.95

A spectator inserts a credit card into a case by himself. The instant the magician makes a magic wave over the case, the spectator is now unable to...

The Collected Secrets of Lubor Fiedler DVD or download
The Collected Secrets of Lubor Fiedler
DVD or download by Lubor Fiedler - $34.95

For decades, Lubor Fiedler's name has been associated with some of the most innovative, magical, visual illusions ever created. Now, for the first...

Card Surgery Trick
Card Surgery
Trick by Lubor Fiedler - 38.00

Tenyo does it again. Absolutely brand new and from the fabulous mind of Luber Fiedler, comes a self-working, piece by piece restoration. This looks...