Trick by Alexander Marsh
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39.95 usd

Trick by Alexander Marsh (39.95)

In stock - very few available.
AF ESP Deck - magic

As the name implies, yes, this is another [BLEEPING] ESP deck. But, don't tune out yet. This one is made by Alexander Marsh, and offers abilities not found elsewhere.

When Alexander Marsh couldn't find an ESP deck that offered everything he needed, he created his own. The result was a powerful tool for modern mentalists.

"AF ESP Deck" Details

A Bonus ESP Symbol
To Alex, the "wavy lines" have always seemed to be the odd one out. He felt they didn't sit well visually with the other geometric shapes. Not to mention, calling them "wavy lines" just feels ridiculous. So, he's swapped it out for a triangle. (But, don't worry, if you like the "wavy lines", those are still included. You can use either, or both, as you need.)

Different Size
Alex felt it was important to dissociate his ESP cards from standard playing cards. So the "AF ESP Cards" are slightly longer and thinner than regular playing cards. They are trump card size (2.4in x 3.9in | 62mm x 100mm).

Ditch The Box
In a further effort to differentiate ESP cards from playing cards, most mentalists will often just throw away the box to their ESP cards and carry them in a manilla envelope or small bag like those used for Tarot cards. As such, "AF ESP Deck" is supplied with a traditional "string and washer" style kraft envelope for storage.

Marked ESP Cards
The back design is a simple 'vintage' retro style, more in keeping with the time period in which the original Zener Cards were designed. The backs are also marked with a simple. easy-to-read numbered mnemonic system (the triangle and wavy lines are marked differently, allowing you to use either or both in in a full deck of six symbol cards). The back design also has a subtle one way design.

Various Gaff Cards
You receive a variety of various gaff cards (see below for full details) that expand the possibilities of your ESP routines.

Full Tutorial
Each "AF ESP Deck" comes with complete video instructions detailing handling tips and Alex's signature "5-for-5" ESP matching routine.

"AF ESP Deck" Includes:

  • 5 x Circle
  • 5 x Plus
  • 5 x Triangle
  • 5 x Square
  • 5 x Star
  • 5 x Wavy lines
  • 1 x Double backer
  • 1 x Double facer (Star)
  • 1 x Double facer (Circle/Plus)
  • 1 x 5 Symbol card (Circle, Plus, Triangle, Square, Star)
  • 1 x 5 Symbol card (Circle, Plus, Wavy Lines, Square, Star)
  • 1 x 5 Symbol psychological force card (Circle, Plus, Square, Star, Triangle)
  • 1 x 5 Symbol psychological force card (Circle, Plus, Square, Star, Wavy Lines)
  • 1 x Kraft/Manila 'String & Washer' envelope for storage
  • 1 x Instruction card with URL to video instructions.

Customer reviews for AF ESP Deck



I bought these after looking for a while for a large set of ESP cards that are not the standard Bicycle-style. I really like the retro look and feel and the routine explained in the half hour +/- video is very useful and doable and does not take a huge amount of time to practice to get right. All in all a worthwhile purchase - what you see is what you get.



I collect playing cards, bridge, poker, alphabet, numerical and symbols etc…I bought these because the option of having both the ‘triangle’ and ‘wavy lines/bacon’ symbol options is quite useful and that alone makes this investment worthwhile…I can purchase the ‘triangle’ on a bicycle rider back card from France for about €2 per card 5 in blue and 5 in red and a couple of spares then the postage quickly adds up to not far from the price of this ‘deck’ and there aren’t any ‘gaffs’ with the option from France…yeah I will order them eventually but this option delivers exactly what I was looking for, casual cards, well made, decent quality, nice handling, the envelope is actually an idea that I was throwing around in my head for packet tricks…it works really nice…attracts interest it looks official not pretend. I would have paid more for this ESP set it really is great value for money and the quality is very high…at the end of the day it’s us that make these investments/props work, create a routine, deliver it effectively and it’s a winner…I only view the online instructions for any illusion on rainy days when my options are a little limited…part of my enjoyment is working out where the marking system is for myself it kinda makes me feel like I’m some kind of Sherlock Holmes lol..!



Nice handling with the cards, feels like tarot cards + worn card look.



These cards are magnificent. My favorite ESP cards above Eclipse, but because I carry them with my Tarot.

I would give 5 out of 5 if these were plastic.

I feel like there should just be a new universal rule with Mentalism products: if it’s cardboard, make it plastic.

I want to use these and many other things on gigs, but when they are literal paper or cardboard - drinks, food, whatever all make a mess and ruin the cards.

I brought these on a gig last night and now I can’t again cause someone spilled a little of their drink on them. But also, that was bound to happen.

Doesn’t seem like Vanishing INC produces these cards… but they should… and make them plastic.


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    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 31 minutes
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