Glance 3.0

Trick by Steve Thompson
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They open up a magazine and think of a word. You read their mind!
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Glance 3.0

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Trick by Steve Thompson (31.96 - normally $39.95)

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Glance 3.0 - magic
Glance 3.0 Glance 3.0 Glance 3.0 Glance 3.0 Glance 3.0 Glance 3.0

The strongest, easiest, and most practical book test you’ll ever find is actually not a book test at all. It’s hidden within the pages of an innocent-looking magazine, and it just got even better!

“To be blunt, the price tag is WAY too low for a secret this strong!" Ken Weber

What would happen if you took all the best parts of a book test and wrapped them into a normal-looking magazine that looks like it was just plucked right off a shelf? What if it was also super easy to use and even offered a method where you don’t have to do any awkward mental fishing?

“Glance” is a perfect magazine book test from the creative mind of Steve Thompson.

We all love a good book test. But sometimes it feels a bit weird showing up to an event carrying our own books. As magazines are more commonly purchased and read on the go, they offer way more natural cover for your book test. Your audience will never suspect a thing.

What is the “Glance” Magazine Book Test?

After being unavailable for years, we’re delighted to let you know that “Glance” is now back with a revamped third edition featuring brand-new modern cover designs. You get two ready-to-go magazines that look identical to those you’d find anywhere in the world. As the size of the magazines has also been adjusted to match the size of the most common magazines in the world, you can also quickly remove the cover and replace it with one from your favorite magazine if you’d like.


Anyone who purchases "Glance 3.0" from Vanishing Inc. will also receive a special bonus video in which Joshua Jay teaches you how to change the cover on your "Glance" magazine. This video isn't available anywhere else.

There’s also the added benefit that a magazine is much more cost-effective to print and those savings are passed on to you. You won’t find a high-quality book test as effective as this for a price this low anywhere else. There is a reason that the two previous versions were perennial bestsellers.

How Does “Glance” Work?

Your helper gets to choose either one of the two magazines. They then flip through and stop on any page they want and find a long, difficult word. It could be from an article or an ad. Everything is fair game.

Once they have a word in mind, they close the magazine. Without ever needing to open it again, you look them right in the eye and tell them the word they were thinking of. Mentalism really doesn’t get any cleaner or more direct than “Glance”.

With permission from Ted Karmilovich, Steve Thompson implemented the incredibly popular “Mother Of All Book Tests” principle (aka MOABT) into normal-looking magazines that can be given to your participant to peruse without any fear. Even better, he’s worked out an alternative method that enables you to figure out their word without having to fish for the first letter. Truly brilliant thinking!

It almost feels like cheating that an effect this powerful can be so unbelievably easy to perform. You’ll learn it in minutes and perform it for a lifetime. It’s perfect for magicians and mentalists of any skill level and works just as well in your parlor or stage show as it does in your close-up set. It’s perfect for casual settings and professional settings alike.

No sleight of hand is required at all. There are no short pages, no glimpses, and no peeks. You don’t have to worry about prepping, counting, or even memorizing anything since Steve has ingeniously incorporated a crib right into the magazine in the most clever way. There’s no need to download an app or worry about batteries or wifi either. It really is as simple as having them open the magazine and find a word.

Already Own Another Version of “Glance”, Here’s What’s New:

  • Two magazines included
  • Totally redesigned covers with a modern, clean look
  • Updated text based on customer feedback
  • Adjusted size to better match most major magazines
  • Same word bank means there is nothing new for you to learn
  • You can now offer up to six magazines to choose from (if you owned the previous two versions) with no additional effort

"The best and most natural looking magazine test I have ever seen." John Archer

Don’t miss your chance to own the new and improved “Glance 3.0”, the most powerful, organic, and easy-to-do book test you’ll ever find.


Customer reviews for Glance 3.0

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This is a great trick.



clear and concise



It’s easy, has great impact, and has a very ingenious method that deserves the highest praise.
One of my best purchases



a very good magic trick,so easy to learn,worth every penny,would highly recommend.



Glance gets it.
I must say that there are not that many items that have impressed me as does GLANCE 3.0 so glad I made this purchase. I have items that are similar but this one is the best.


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Community questions about Glance 3.0

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  • Bud asks: The description of 'Glance' states there is no memorization, yet the comparison to the older version states there is a 'word bank'. Is there any memorization involved?

    • 1. Bryan answers: That is tricky to answer without revealing. However there is no memorization “required”. Meaning it can be done at a “Glance”
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  • John asks: It sounds like from the description that Glance 3.0 automatically comes with two magazines. Double checking. Thanks!

    • 1. Dan answers: "You get two ready-to-go magazines"
    • 2. Ken answers: This is KenHeuman I order glance and my email is When will I receive glance. All my info is on my order. Jay you look great on the video Magican with a Heuman Touch. Keep in touch
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    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not at this time.
  • Chris asks: How fullproof is this? What if they chose a word that is not too long?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's very easy to do. And you just have to guide them to pick a long word. Spectators love to make things hard for a performer, so inviting them to pick a "really long, difficult word" means they will. I've been performing this for years, and never had someone not do as I requested!
  • Francesco asks: Are the magazines only in English?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, only in English.
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  • Stephen asks: I have so many versions of this trick now, that I'm having difficulty working out which magazines belong to which. Could you show an image of each versions magazines covers please, so we can identity 1 from 2 from 3.0 etc. and also help us buyers know what is different in the 3.0 version as there are no photos of the actual product with this versions covers.

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