Infinity Deck

Trick by Craig Petty and Lloyd Barnes
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Infinity Deck

34.95 usd

Trick by Craig Petty and Lloyd Barnes (34.95)

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Infinity Deck - magic
Infinity Deck Infinity Deck Infinity Deck Infinity Deck Infinity Deck Infinity Deck Infinity Deck Infinity Deck Infinity Deck Infinity Deck

Two of magic’s most prolific creators, Craig Petty and Lloyd Barnes, join forces for the first time to create a groundbreaking tool that will be your new go-to secret weapon.

The “Infinity Deck” is like having a full show in your pocket. It offers 20 impossible magic and mentalism tricks right out of the box, and that only scratches the surface. It’s been designed in a way that leaves ultimate freedom for creating your own routines. You have a better chance of counting to infinity than running out of ways to use “Infinity Deck”.

And the best part? “Infinity Deck” is super easy to use. Most of the tricks are hands off and essentially self-working. They’re simple enough for beginners to learn, while also still getting the reactions professionals desire.

"’The Infinity Deck’ is the most fun I've had with any new release in a long time. Yes, the effects are entertaining and fooling. Yes, the methods are devious and clever. What I REALLY like is that the deck offers so much freedom to create new, bespoke and personalized effects. Love it!" Mark Elsdon

What is "Infinity Deck"?

This amazing creation is a mystery wrapped inside an enigma. On the surface, it seems like an innocent collection of random images. Your audience will never suspect that it secretly contains a beast of an engine that combines a variety of ideas and principles in a way that will melt your mind. Use it for predictions, mind reading, demonstrations of influence, or really however you like.

"’Infinity Deck’ is a Swiss Army knife for astounding magic. The built in features and mind-blowing effects are truly staggering. It is appropriately named Infinity as that is the rating I would give it." David Jonathan

Here are just a few of the many ways you can use “Infinity Deck”:

  • Instantly divine a picture that a person is imagining
  • Four helpers shuffle a pile of cards and think of any image in their pack. You then name them all (and don’t even need to be in the room to do it).
  • A truly one-of-a-kind ACAAN style effect where the audience shuffles half of the deck face up into face down. On one side, they create the name of a playing card and, on the other side, a number. You then open up a regular deck of cards that’s been in plain view since the start and reveal their card at their number.
  • Your audience shuffles a pile of cards multiple times and then lays the cards face up in a row. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until you point out that all the images are actually homonyms. When you say them out loud, they create a phrase that perfectly matches one that’s been predicted on the box the entire time.

You can perform all of these tricks separately. Or, you can combine them all into a powerhouse 10-15 act that can be carried in your pocket. You could walk into an event with nothing but "Infinity Deck" and amaze people all night long.

"I've got a full close-up case that I can basically throw in the bin. WHAT CAN'T THIS DECK DO?! A fully customizable act in one deck of cards with infinite possibilities. Wow" Simon Lipkin

Designed to Perfection

The “Infinity Deck” was inspired by genuine improv aid decks and is printed on high quality USPCC stock. It is broken up into three core parts.

25 of the cards capitalize on the most ingenious use of the Koran Principle you’ll ever see. It hides in plain sight and is amplified by a clever marking system from the legendary Phill Smith. These marks indicate the card, as well as the stack order, and are completely invisible to the audience. Yet you can see them clearly, even at a distance.

17 of the cards are randomizer cards. These are used to “randomize” playing card values and suits for truly unique card effects.

The remaining 10 cards are homonym cards used for stunning reveals.

Six Hours of Instruction

As you’ve come to expect from both Craig and Lloyd, no stone is left unturned in the tutorial video. The six hours of included video instruction contains complete explanations for 20 tricks you can start performing right away, as well as all the essential insights you need to get the most out of this versatile tool.

Dive in and explore the endless possibilities of this powerful toolkit for visual & mental miracles. Get "Infinity Deck" today!

"An absolute monster of a project by two of the biggest and best creators in magic. Infinitely more than just a card trick, this is an absolutely incredible collection of magic and mentalism with a truly unique premise." Matthew Wright

"Craig Petty. Lloyd Barnes. Phill Smith. When I heard that these three wizards had collaborated on a project, I got excited. When I saw what they had put together, I got even MORE excited. Infinity is a powerhouse. The possibilities are literally endless with a tool like this; it's a must-buy for magicians and mentalists alike." Dee Christopher

NOTE: Homonym routine is restricted to English language.


Customer reviews for Infinity Deck



With this deck you revive a complite 30 minutes or more act of card magic and mentalism. Cards are really well made. In the instructional video you’ll learn plenty magic tricks that can easily be combined together to create your own act. The acaan you receive is one of the best you’ll learn, it’s so devious and genius. With this deck you can also perform your classic repertoire of card magic. I performe a routine of twisting the aces where the aces are replaced with pictures of dogs. You can basically do whatever you want, the only limit is your imagination. Pocket space is just the deck you receive and an ordinary deck of cards if you want to perform the acaan shown in the trailer. Completely satisfied!



Having recently got back into doing magic for fun and having bought Cube 52 I couldn't wait for the Infinity Deck to be available when I heard about it. I actually ordered it on the day of release! As always with Craig Petty and Lloyd Barnes it is more than value for money. The cards are beautiful (as is the packaging) and the tutorials are detailed and fun. There's so much on there that you pick what you want to start with and so far the Diary Prediction has to be my favourite (and of my colleagues who keep asking me to do it on other people.) As well as everything on the tutorials which will happily take a while to get through you can soon make up your own tricks. The only thing taking me a while is that some of the hidden numbers can be confused for the wrong digit (I'm thinking 1s and 3s) and the cards have to be in the same orientation but that's a minor grumble. An amazing deck of cards that I would massively recommend. Thanks to Vanishing Inc for getting it across here so quickly after the release date too. PS I will just add that while I was waiting for the Infinity Deck to be released the pre-publicity made me aware of Snaps. As it says in the Q+A section on the product page the two items are different but both tricks are amazing. I bought Snaps and was really pleased with it. I would recommend people buy both The Infinity Deck and Snaps, available from Vanishing Inc.



Infinity Deck is a superbly crafted photo deck with multiple routines possible. It makes Koran Deck routines much more interesting and relatable than those done with playing cards. That is not all that this deck may be used for.
Craig Petty and Lloyd Barnes have created a photo deck that can be used for memorized deck routines, marked deck routines, and much, much more.
Their teaching is hours long and divided into useful segments. It has taken me about a week to digest most of their teaching. The patter that they used is relevant and well-thought out. If you are a magic creator you will undoubtedly be quickly designing your own variations on routines they suggest and coming up with your own as well.
It is well worth the price.



The deck comes in a quality presentation box, best to watch video1 before you open the deck. There is around seven hours of video play time, including routines to full quality in depth tutorials, plus a seven page PDF about the Deck. This is a quality deck, and many quality routines.



A must have, to think, you can have one or two tricks from this, even have a full routine, all laid out for you in the tuition video, Craig & Lloyd go through a few tricks then put it all together to make a long routine that can stand alone or even make your own up.
If you have not got it, why not ?



This product is amazing. Five stars. First of all, it matches the other two Craig decks that came out, Cube52 and Evoke. However, it’s not just the packaging I’m impressed with, although that matches too. It’s the quality of the product, the routines, and the material.

The main routine is so simple and hard-hitting, with many clever techniques/
subtleties/Principles involved. There is almost nothing to do besides knowing what to say—it’s literally self-working. Even if Craig and Lloyd had released the deck with just this one routine, it would be well worth the price. This is definitely a bargain with the amount of lessons you get.

Thank you, Craig & Lloyd. We hope to see more projects from you in the future!


Community questions about Infinity Deck

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  • Antonio asks: Por favor, o video ver com legenda em portugues?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Não há legendas neste vídeo
  • Rick asks: Is this deck the same in principle as the Snaps deck. What are the main differences between these 2 decks, other than the photos? Thank you

    • 1. Craig answers: It’s a totally different thing to Snaps. Snaps hides images in pictures. The Infinity Deck at its core is a forcing system designed to force an image in a very fair way. In addition each card has been designed to be used in one way or another. It might be to create an impossible reveal or a playing card reveal or a production of an item but they all have a purpose Plus David Jonathan (the creator of Snaps) is on the project teaching multiple routines with a the Infinity Deck Hope that helps
    • 2. Justin answers: Just to add to Craig's answer: I believe he meant to say "Snaps hides letters in pictures" rather than "Snaps hides images in pictures" but I could be wrong.
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  • Hendrik asks: Does that deck refer to or need English language only or does it work in any language?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, the deck does refer to English. However, some of the effects can work in other languages.
  • Jimi asks: Can any of the routines be done over Zoom?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Some of the routines can be performed via zoom
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