SB Watch

Trick by Electricks, András Bártházi and Benke Smith
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SB Watch

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Trick by Electricks, András Bártházi and Benke Smith (364.95)

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The best mentalism watch on the market today. No assistants. No preshow. Perform anywhere, anytime. The "SB Watch 2022" is the most elegant and natural looking time prediction Bluetooth watch you'll ever find.

"SB Watch" by Electricks was designed to look like a luxurious, everyday watch. A ton of diverse input methods ensure you're always prepared to amaze audiences in any situation. Secretly input a freely-selected time or a force a time right under their noses without them ever suspecting a thing.

One of the biggest benefits of this "SB Watch 2022 Edition" is that the button is disguised as an authentic-looking crown that can be rotated as normal (without actually affecting the clock hands). You can imitate pulling it out, and ask the spectator to "set a time" while you secretly input another time. This is a huge advantage over previous models.

A special quick-release strap also ensures every performance flows smoothly.

The included C32032 button battery can power the watch for up to a year when used as an everyday watch. A helpful "sleep" feature is also available to conserve battery life when not in use. Even with the heavy usage of a working magician, the battery will still last for months. When you do need a replacement, it is affordable and easy to do.

"2022 Modern SB Watches" are available in two versions: White and Black.

The Powerful TimeSmith App

What truly sets all "SB Watches" apart from other mentalism watches though is the innovative and powerful TimeSmith app that comes free with your purchase (and is updated regularly).

Developed by Benke Smith, the TimeSmith app is available for both iOS and Android. It allows you to quickly and easily set a custom time, or input a preset force time, on the fly via an astounding number of input methods (that is continually growing). There is one for any type of performance from close up to stage, street magic, and everything in-between.

  • The lock screen input allows you to openly type in the time under the guise of unlocking your phone
  • The calculator method is another open input that you can use as part of a larger number routine
  • Swiping capability via your phone or apple watch
  • Bluetooth remote or keyboard capability
  • NFC/RFID cards can be used to quickly inject preset times
  • Web input (for if you want to use a secret assistant)
  • It can even be paired with other electronics like mentalism smartboards (where it can inject a handwritten time) or CubeSmith

The amount of possible magic routines is seemingly endless. You'll see for yourself as your purchase not only comes with detailed instructions but also access to a vibrant and active private Facebook community filled with talented magician that continue to push the boundaries of the "SB Watch".

Make sure to also check out the "SB Pocket Watches" and limited edition "SB Steel Watch".

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Community questions about SB Watch

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  • Dan asks: Is there a method with this using a button remote that you can feel and operate from your pocket? Thank you.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can use a bluetooth remote but it does not come with a remote
  • William asks: Please forgive my acronym ignorance, but what does "SB" stand for?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We are not sure but probably a reverse initial of the creator, Benke Smith
  • Laurent asks: does the SB watch tell the time for every day use

    • 1. Johnny answers: Yes it does.
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