52 Cheetah

Trick by Vernet Magic
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52 Cheetah

45.00 usd

Trick by Vernet Magic (45.00)

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A single-pocket card index that is as fast as a cheetah.

"The Cheetah card index system is one of the most exciting releases I've gotten my hands on in recent years, and it has instantly found its way into my pockets and my show. Highly Recommended."Ryan Plunkett

Retrieve any named card from one pocket in one second!

"52 Cheetah" is super-thin, incredibly fast card index that easily fits into any pocket.

  • Locate any card in a second
  • Extremely thin
  • You can use your own deck
  • It fits into any pocket
  • Instant access to any four of a kind
  • It will last a lifetime
  • Find as many cards as you want
  • Video download instructions & routines

Customer reviews for 52 Cheetah



I am very impressed. I've now spent 1 hour working on this and can produce any named card within about 3 seconds. This will become far faster and more fluid with further practice. The unit seems extremely durable and the system is intuitive. And importantly it only takes up one pocket. Barely larger than a single boxed deck. The possibilities are enormous with mastery of this tool. Highly recommended.



I absolutely love the miracles that can be performed with an index. They can be so powerful. I've used Daniel Madison's Advocate. And I've also taken that idea and modified it to be faster and more accurate for me. When I received 52Cheetah I was delighted to see some similarities to my additions to Advocate. (When creating a 52 card index, there are bound to be at least some similarities.) Depending on which card is called for, I'm still generally faster at this point using my own index but with a couple more weeks with 52Cheetah, I'm suspecting that I'll be equally fast. And I hope even faster. I think 52Cheetah is a very well designed index. It isn't too bulky and I'm suspecting it will hold up extremely well over time.


Community questions about 52 Cheetah

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  • Stephen asks: Since this is designed for a single pocket, is it easier to use in one particular pocket over the other? I do card magic left handed so just wondering if there is an asymmetry which may make it better suited for one pocket over the other.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This can be used in any pockets, most index’s are easy once you have practiced, its a case of preference
  • Kim asks: Will folded cards fit this index? thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is for unfolded cards
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