Forcing Casino Dice Set

Trick by Alan Wong
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Forcing Casino Dice Set

38.95 usd

Trick by Alan Wong (38.95)

In stock.

Force any number between 1 and 6 with this special set featuring 8 professional quality forcing dice and 10 amazing routines to get the most out of them.

All of the forcing dice in the "Forcing Casino Dice Set" are 20mm casino quality dice made in a professional dice factory.

What's in the Set?

  • 6 gimmicked dice
  • 1 blank on all sides die
  • 1 regular die
  • Custom printed cards
  • PDF instructions with 10 routines

The full dice set allows you to force all numbers from 1 to 6, only using the one die that you need. Since you have multiple outs, you can allow the participants to freely mix the items and place them in any order they want. It's so fair!

The blank die is a great addition to any routine where you have the participant role a blank die and then name the number they "see". You can also customize it with your own drawings, symbols, numbers, colors etc.

The regular die is used for any normal die routine and, if needed, to swap in for examination before and after the routine.

Each "Professional Forcing Dice Set" comes with PDF instructions featuring 10 routines that allow you to get the maximum entertainment out of these dice. As a SPECIAL BONUS, you'll also get "Choices" by Luca Volpe and Alan Wong. This is the first time this idea has been shared widely, It teaches you how to force any 36 objects using 6 cards, offering great customization potential for your own routines.


Customer reviews for Forcing Casino Dice Set



They are well made, however they are a bit larger than standard dice. This means they can play bigger in a bigger space, but also seem less "normal."

Also, these are forced through elimination rather than a direct force or loaded die. I wish I had known that when buying for the price.

I do appreciate the routine ideas included rather than just the gimmicks themselves.


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  • Alexander asks: Are the forcing dice a set of standard 1 way dice, requiring control of the angles (eg rolling in a cup)?

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    • Alexander asks: Or alternatively are they an (equally standard) set of forcing dice for an elimination procedure?

      • 1. Michael answers: They are set up for elimination rather than having the die roll directly to the forced number.
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