Knife through Arm

Trick by The Essel Magic
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Knife through Arm

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Trick by The Essel Magic (39.95)

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The magician shows a large dangerous-looking dagger. He holds it in his right hand and strikes against his left hand. He moves it against his left arm as if cutting a vegetable. Then suddenly the blade penetrates the hand and blood comes out of the arm. This is a very disturbing illusion and a sure shock to the spectators.

(Blood not included)


Customer reviews for Knife through Arm



Prop seems solid enough, but there are few things which bug me. The blood reservoir isn't controlled by anything other than gravity, so it can be a bit premature on occasion and doesn't allow you, as a performer, to choose the best moment for it. The plug for the reservoir is a bright silver clip on the back of the black handle and it looks very odd. The blade also do rattle a bit, so if you wish to gesture with the prop, you'll want to cover the noise with music or amplified patter to cover the blade talking.


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  • Bill asks: What kind of blood is recommended for this gag?

    • 1. Martin answers: Any stage blood should work.
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  • Rich asks: can this knife also cut a lemon in half? Looking to use it in my bill to lemon routine.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While you can probably cut a lemon in half with some force, I would recommend against that as the blade is delicate.
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