Magicians Wax

Trick by The Essel Magic
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Magicians Wax

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Trick by The Essel Magic (2.24)

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High quality wax to be used for many different effects such as IT work, card work, etc.


Customer reviews for Magicians Wax



Good quality wax that should work for most general applications. It is the kind of stuff that you might just want to have around in case you want to try something out, or if you already use it often for a specific routine. Being a cheap item, it is worth to have one at hand.



I bought this with the sole intention of using it to drive my wife insane practicing card on ceiling all over the house. To that end, it functioned perfectly! I highly recommend it.



I was looking for magician's wax to use with IT. I saw this little pot and thought it was worth trying (as an extra in a larger order so I didn't have to pay for postage.) It looked like a bargain. The pot is a little bigger than I expected and there is a generous quantity of wax compared with other more expensive products. It should last a long time. The wax is quite soft so I do not find that it works with the thread I'm using. The wax is sticky enough but the thread just cuts through it even before you try to levitate an object. However, although the wax is the colour of beeswax, it would be fine for things such as card on the. ceiling. I don't think you need to buy blue or red card on the ceiling wax for camouflage on the back of bicycle cards. This wax cleans off perfectly adequately so if you retrieve the card yourself, you can immediately hand it out for inspection, wiping the wax off with a finger as you do so. You could use a tiny ball of the wax to make a temporary 'thick' card or I order to make a chosen card apparently disappear from a deck by making it stick to the back of an indifferent card. Again, it would clean up nicely when you finished, or even on the fly. I do not regret buying this. It will come in useful. However, I have now bought the little tin of Mesika wax for IT work. Mesika's products are not cheap, but as you would expect from a magician so experienced with levitating cards, bank notes, rings and Polo Mints, they do the job really well. So, four stars instead of three. A bargain but I do not think that it is suitable for use as a thread anchor.



I ordered this out of curiosity as I have seen tricks describe using magicians was, but I always just used prestik (as it is called in South Africa). Seemed to do the same thing. The wax works fairly well but I also order a set of Zots which I thought actually worked a bit better. Perhaps the wax is more of an old-school thing. Also the wax was a bit harder than I expected you have to work it a bit between the fingers. My curiosity was satisfied :-)


Community questions about Magicians Wax

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  • Mason asks: Does this work for card on ceiling? Thanks!!

    • 1. Jim answers: Work with it between your fingers a bit, and it will work.
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  • Gabija asks: Is this product non-toxic and can be used with tarantula II lifesaver effect?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hi there. The wax is nontoxic but is not recommended to be consumed. Do not chew and swallow the wax if you're performing the life saver effect.
  • Francesco asks: Does this work for ring in sealed envelope type effects? Applying wax but only sealing after several hours? TIA

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is for attaching invisible thread hooks up etc.
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