Mahogany Hot Rod

Trick by Rich Hill's Illusion Shop
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Mahogany Hot Rod

19.95 usd

Trick by Rich Hill's Illusion Shop (19.95)

In stock.

Made with Genuine Swarovski Crystal Jewels!

Effect: A beautiful wooden rod is shown to have various colored jewels embedded in it - 6 on each side. The spectator selects a jewel, and all 12 jewels become the same color as the selected jewel!!

Featuring large 7mm jewels, this fine quality Mahogany Hot Rod measures 3 3/4 inches in length and is handcrafted. Truly a beautiful piece of close-up magic!


Customer reviews for Mahogany Hot Rod



I’m an avid fan and collector of Hot Rod and Paddle Tricks. I saw the 3.75” Mahogany Hot Rod advertised on the Vanishing, Inc. website and was captivated by the rich, clean, professional looking rod and the vivid, colorful genuine Swarovski Crystal Jewels. I ordered the piece and wasn’t disappointed with the fair price, Vanishing, Inc.’s excellent customer service, and free shipping … nor was I disappointed with the Mahogany Hot Rod. It’s everything it was advertised to be and I’m proud to add it to my collection and to put it as a part of my ‘everyday carry’ arsenal of classics pocket tricks.



Just love it to receive a product that meets and exceeds expectations. The paddle is a bit larger than the traditional fair and the jewels are very nicely set in the mahogany. I have both the ebony and mahogany jewel set and I find the mahogany to be slightly more esthetically pleasing. I have handled the paddle a lot and the jewels remain steadfast. I can highly recommend this product. It is stunning.



I've used the plastic style for a long time but always felt that a wooden version would add a certain extra level of class to the effect, by appearing to be more of a "magic wand." I wasn't disappointed by the appearance of this version in mahogany. The jewels are attractive and well-set. I'll be using this with rather different patter, as its appearance lends itself to a "legend" about a magician and his bejeweled magic wand. In short, this was well worth the price to me.


Community questions about Mahogany Hot Rod

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  • Frank asks: What color gem is used for the force?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Each one has a random one.
  • Anthony asks: Is a regular one available meaning different colors both sides

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not at this time with this version
  • David asks: What is the force color on the Mahogany Hot Rod?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Each unit is random
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