Matchbox Penetration

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Matchbox Penetration - magic
Matchbox Penetration Matchbox Penetration

The magician holds a matchbox and a long needle with a ribbon passing through the eye of the needle. He holds the matchbox with one hand and draws attention to a small hole in the center of the face of the box. He passes the needle through the hole and the ribbon is seen clearly on both sides of the matchbox. The spectator is asked to pull the ribbon out of the box and the magician asks the spectator if that was amazing. Of course the spectator didn't find anything interesting or amazing about that. The magician seems to be disappointed but then suddenly remembers something. He says that he forgot to tell them that what he has done is an impossible phenomenon as the entire interior of the matchbox is occupied by a solid brass block. The magician pulls the matchbox drawer open and shows that indeed there is a solid brass block. The block is dropped into the spectator's hand and it is a heavy, solid brass block without any holes in it.


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  • malcolm asks: Hi Regarding the steel block used in the penetration, is it one solid colour with no squares or pattern on it? When it is examined by a person, is the secret undetectable? I do know how it is done, but I have read that some manufactures of the block, the quality is very poor. I am just trying to establish this one is of the best quality, and the surface of the block is smooth and the secret is undetectable. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Kind Regards Malcolm Underwood

    • 1. William answers: Clear criss cross grid marks on the block, not smooth.
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  • Robert asks: Can you please tell me if the block can be handed out? If not, can it be shown on both sides convincingly?

    • 1. Dottore answers: It can be handed out.
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Questionable quality. My 9 year old, he too does magic, guessed and revealed the secret with NO effort. He presumed it was for him, since it lacked a professional feel. He told me to return it. I told him it wasn’t for him. He said, “Okay you can keep it then.” ?? That said, the crew at Vanishing Magic are very professional and helpful. Be well, be blessed, be magical.