Trick by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong
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Trick by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong (34.95)

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A fun ESP-style effect that doesn't feature the same overused standard ESP symbols. "Non-Sense" by Wayne Dobson is a fun close up magic and mentalism effect that uses telepathy cards featuring our five senses instead of unrelatable ESP symbols.

An Overview of "Non-Sense" from the Creator:

The first version of the now-classic ESP Card Matching effect I saw was done with playing cards, in a Brother John Hamman book written in the year I was born: 1957! This approach to the effect contained a discrepancy that I couldn't live with, and for some years I have worked on various matching ESP card routines searching for one that is clean, sleight-free and powerful in the effect it has on the spectators.

I then made a breakthrough in my thinking around the handling of this, which finally satisfied the conditions I set myself: replacing the ESP symbols on the cards with images of the Five Senses in a strong effect with an engaging, attractive presentation hook.

In the main "Non-Sense routine", you and a spectator each hold a matching set of 5 cards showing images of our five senses: sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. You each shuffle your packets, and in turn you lay your prediction card down first, whereupon the spectator decides on the one they think will match it.

This is repeated for each of the five cards. When you show the cards, with no sleights or messing about, the spectator has matched each of your predictions! And best of all, throughout there are no annoying discrepancies in the handling: everything is clean and above-board.

Plus there are some delicious moments of bare-faced cheek! When I was performing on television, this was the type of routine I would love to present because it looks so strong and clean. So we've added that routine as a bonus.

What You Receive

"Non-Sense" comes with 30 custom printed special cards in a specially-designed cardbox, and a PDF with detailed written instructions for:

  • The Introductory Test
  • A 3-Phase Telepathy Routine
  • BONUS ROUTINE: Sixth Sense, Second Sight

Customer reviews for Non-Sense



I love these cards. They are a fresh alternative to the traditional Zenner cards that you have to spend two minutes explaining what they are.

Anyway, the main effect is the perfect answer to the card matching effect that I've tried for some time to do without the potential pitfalls of the original. Everything works perfectly and everything is clean at the end. The cards themselves are high quality and the markings are extremely easy to read once you know the system. In fact I am planning to buy another set to perform the multiple ESP card routines in my library.

Overall, excellent quality and a great effect. Worth every penny.


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  • Tom asks: Out of curiosity, is there a reason 30 cards are provided? It said in the main routine, both the spectator and the performer each have 5 cards. I'm wondering if any 10 cards out of the deck can be used to do that routine or maybe the additional cards are for the other routines?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's just additional cards so if you choose to swap anything out you can
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