The Jiffy Coin Tray

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The Jiffy Coin Tray - magic

The magician borrows a coin and has a spectator mark their initials on the coin so it can be identified later. The coin then mysteriously disappears. The magician reaches into his inner jacket pocket and takes out a plastic container which is held shut on all sides by two rubber bands. He hands the container to the spectator and asks him to remove the rubber bands and open the container. There is another smaller plastic container inside also being held shut by rubber bands. The magician asks the spectator to open this container. Inside the smaller container is a cloth bag bounded shut by a rubber band. The spectator is asked to open the bag and to drop whatever is inside onto his open palm. When this is done the spectator's marked coin drops out from the bag!

What's included:
Two plastic trays
A cloth bag
Rubber bands


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I never had one of these as a kid so now that I'm a full grown adult male, why not?
I think the concept is super cool and obviously it's easy to set up and perform. My only complaint is that it's a tad noisy but for something under 3 bucks I will not complain.

The Jiffy Coin Tray by The Essel Magic