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Art of Magic

Art of Magic has been a leading force in advanced sleight-of-hand since its inception, and it was acquired by Vanishing Inc in 2018. We are pleased to announce that the superb back-catalogue at Art of Magic is now fully-integrated into the Vanishing Inc. website. We continue the high standards of both the magic and the production values established by Art of Magic, and we're pleased to welcome the AOM family of creators and customers to our community.

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Who we are

Art of Magic

Art of Magic was an institution for the discovery of and enlightenment on the principles of magic. The website served as an online academy offering instructional videos and other educational media for learning about the art of magic. As an educational platform featuring a curated library of tutorials and promoting discussion within the community, with an expansive network of students from around the globe, Art of Magic was the premier resource for learning about the art of magic and an exciting destination for magicians old and new.

Established in 2016 by a collective of magicians passionate about sharing the experience of wonder. They believe the real secrets of magic are discovered through the authentic self-expression of the art. There is always more mystery.

Art of Magic is now fully integrated into Vanishing Inc. Magic and the full download catalogue is now available in our magic downloads area.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is a sense of mystery. It is the source of all true art and science." ALBERT EINSTEIN

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The Door is Open

Through decades of experience, we have become a force in the magical community. Our contributions have reverberated around the globe. It is our devotion to share the art of magic with anyone interested, and through their inspiration the art is pushed forward. We are not the source, but a resource for all magicians on their wondrous journey.