Mega Warehouse Mega Sale Is On!

By Joshua Jay - Tuesday, March 8, 2022

If you saw our Annual letter last year, you’ll remember talk of us creating what we’re affectionately referring to as “Mega Warehouse”.

We’re doubling the size of the space we have. As we write this, team members are on their way to California with a sledgehammer to knock through some walls. No, really.

Because of this huge move, we’ve decided to have a Mega Warehouse Mega Sale!

We know our sales can be overwhelming because we have so many magic tricks on sale. So here's Andi's and my recommendations of some of our favorites.

Josh's Picks For Magic Tricks

Charming Chinese Challenge

Charming Chinese Challenge Troy Hooser’s finest creation. A coin trick that doesn’t need a table, is almost angle proof, uses no gaffs and no difficult sleights and plays big. Watch the trailer if you’ve not seen it. This is part of my every day carry. I love performing it.

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Inferno You’ll let me pick one of my own tricks, right? “Inferno” is some magic I am incredibly proud of. They name a card, you produce that card from a matchbox. No sleight of hand to speak of, no angle restrictions. It fits in a shirt pocket and you can do it any time, anywhere.

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Amazebox Kraft

Amazebox Kraft The Amazebox and Amazebox Black remain Vanishing Inc's best sellers of all time. This critically-praised, best-selling trick was improved with the release of "Amazebox Kraft" - a collaboration with our friends at Theory 11. This tool is the finest stage switching device ever manufactured, and is now in kraft cardboard. By camouflaging the same ingenious "Amazebox" design with a standard, cardboard-brown box, the prop doesn't feel like a prop at all--it's just a simple box that your spectators drop their ideas into. If only they knew...This innocent-looking box allows you to switch up to 200 small folded piece of paper, or playing cards without you ever going near the box! It doesn’t look like, or feel like a prop but it’s the ultimate utility device. This is the cleanest force ever devised.

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Switch One

Switch One Yes, Christian Grace’s bestseller is in the sale! You can get your hands on this miracle. You fold a card and place it under an inverted playing card. The audience member is invited to create a card, naming a color, suit and value. You remove the glass, open the card, it is—of course—their named card. You’ll be getting an amazing index and you’ll learn the cleanest sleight of hand switch we’ve ever seen. And Christian himself will teach you all the details in an amazing video.

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Andi's Picks for Magic Books

Rune's World

Rune's World Rune Klan is one of our favorite magicians and this amazing book will set your mind racing with ideas. It’s half magic book, half graphic novel and is as unusual and wonderful as the man himself. There’s coin, card and stage material in here and we guarantee you’re going to love it. Or we’re happy to refund you!

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Secrets The late Anthony Owen was a friend, and this book is a fitting legacy to the great man. Anthony was known as one of the most influential creators in the field of mentalism, and many of his original plots and effects are featured in the repertoires of the most famous and respected performers in the field. This is the definitive collected works of his lifetime in magic. Anthony has created magic and mentalism with business cards, playing cards, borrowed objects, and more. The focus in Secrets is on parlor material, which should be a refreshing surprise for those of us who are constantly in search of good material for large groups. Anthony’s material is almost always interactive, and focused on premise rather than technique. There’s always a fascinating wrinkle to Anthony’s presentations. You’ll learn a routine based around a game show, a diabolical card trick you can watch from underneath, dozens of other fantastic routines that don’t require tremendous practice.

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The Boy Who Cried Magic

The Boy Who Cried Magic Look, if Josh is allowed to pick one of his tricks, I can pick my own book, right? Sure I can. For years I’ve promised to write a book of my own magic, and I was always too busy writing books for other people! I’m delighted this book has been published and the reactions to it have been amazing. It’s my full professional repertoire with nothing held back or left out. In addition to everything being explained in precise detail across the more than 250 pages and 240 high-resolution photos within this gorgeous hardcover book, you’ll also receive access to performance videos of every routine.

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Less Is More

Less Is More When Benjamin Earl takes a shuffled deck and cuts to the four Aces it feels completely authentic; as if his deft fingers can somehow locate them by touch alone. But here's a secret: he has developed techniques and psychologies that fake this seemingly-impossible feat. In Less is More he takes us on a journey, and his "Real Ace Cutting" is the final destination.

Less is More is a gorgeous 142-page hardback book, bursting with high-quality photographs. It's as much a book on the theory and construction of card magic, as it is a tome of workable effects and world class card technique. Careful study of this work will enhance your card magic to new levels.

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Our Joint Picks for Playing Cards

The Dapper Deck

Dapper Deck When it was first released in 2012, The Dapper Deck was an absolute smash hit that sold out almost immediately. After years of requests, this incredible deck of cards is finally available again with some amazing improvements.

While they might look like a premium collectable, The Dapper Deck was built for professional magicians looking for a chic and affordable alternative to standard playing cards. That’s why we have shifted manufacturers to the USPCC so these playing cards can be printed on an incredibly soft and smooth crushed stock that offers the optimum and dependable performance magicians need.

Each deck also includes a blank-facer, double-backer and matching Jokers for added card magic value.

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The Esoteric Deck

The Esoteric Deck Partnering with Eric Jones, we’re thrilled to present a premium deck of marked playing cards that blends beauty and functionality unlike ever before.

Working alongside talented playing card designer Destino, the breathtaking custom back design and reimagined faces of the “Esoteric Deck” give it the look of a one-of-kind collectable. Each deck comes with two Jokers and is tucked into a matching custom tuck box with eye-popping foil embossing and no seal—a unique feature that allows you to open the case without damaging it.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a deceptive marking system for both the suit and value cleverly infused into the intricate back design. To the untrained eye, it’s invisible. But, with just a quick study of the included marking explanation card, you’ll unlock a versatile tool for a variety of powerful card tricks and mentalism effects.

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The Feather Deck: Goldfinch Edition

the Feather Deck The Feather Deck is the result of nine months of collaborative work between master-illustrator Travis DeMello and our design team at Vanishing Inc. Magic. DeMello is a Brooklyn-based artist who specializes in anatomy drawings. He selected the goldfinch feather, because of its ergonomic, symmetrical shape. The back design may look photographic, but you'll be astonished to know that it is ENTIRELY hand-drawn: every detail, every tiny bristle of the feather...rendered by hand.

The back of every card has been embossed with gold foil in the subtlest of ways, so when the feather backs catch the light just so, they glisten. The crushed-stock finish from Cartamundi is, in our estimation, the very softest, supplest playing card in the world. These cards handle better than anything we've ever released.

The box may be the most resplendent part of The Feather Deck. Starkly embossed with foil and with additional artwork by Travis DeMello, they are a fitting, luxurious way to transport your Feather deck.

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World Tour Decks

World Tour Decks Every deck of World Tour Playing Cards is crafted with distinct iconography and elements representing the unique country and culture they embody. When all 5 decks are combined in a certain order, they create an exclusive map of the world highlighting each of these featured countries. This is an absolutely stunning display that deck collectors MUST add to their collection!

Every deck of World Tour Playing Cards is printed by the EPCC on a remarkably smooth and durable stock designed to handle everything from a simple magical sleight to a knuckle-busting gambling demonstration.

Only 1,500 of each deck were ever printed.

Note: The truck is not included.

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So that's our picks for magic tricks, magic books and playing cards. Of course, there's a lot more in the sale, so to browse all the discounted magic, click the green button below.

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