The Session 2022 Performer Spotlight | Jon Allen

By Vanishing Inc. - Friday, April 16, 2021

Professional magician Jon Allen

We’ve been fans of Jon Allen for a very long time. Beyond creating an endless list of smash-hit effects, he was also the author of one of the first books we ever published—Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen. Whether it’s your first time seeing Jon, or your 100th, you’re always in for a treat.

Before then, we pass it off to Jon to tell you a little more about himself…

What Is your favorite convention memory?

No one thing stands out but when I think about how The Session started, and where it is today, it’s amazing!

What legacy do you hope to leave on the magic world?

A portfolio of effects, routines and products that will stand the test of time and help others with their own magic and performances.

What excites you most about the future of magic?

No matter how technologically advanced the world gets, magicians will still be hired to do the seemingly impossible.

What’s one mistake in your career you encourage others not to repeat?

Never wait until after an event to get paid!

What do you consider to be “real magic”?

Life on earth.

What is the wildest event you’ve ever performed at?

Not wild in the truest sense but… A 10th birthday party. I was hired to entertain the adults while the kids had ponies to ride, a go-kart track, a full arcade of games, mini fairground and entertainers. I was told they had spent around £25,000.

What’s your favorite fun fact?

France was still executing people by guillotine when the first Star Wars film was released.

If you had Josh and Andi over for dinner, what would you cook?

Why cook when there’s pizza delivery available?

What are some other fun things or interesting facts about you?

  • I have a severe peanut allergy
  • I once made it to the semi final of the first Rubik’s Cube competition in London
  • I was a child model

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