Magic download (video) by Hugo Choi
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Magic download (video) by Hugo Choi (12.00)

This novel take on the Indicator Card plot is bound to surprise you.

A card is freely selected from the deck and shuffled back into the pack. The Ace of Spades has been in view from the beginning and you explain that it will help you find the selected card.

Holding the Ace of Spades in one hand, you slowly start dealing cards to the table with the other. Suddenly, the spade animates and turns to point to one card. Sure enough, it is the selected card!

The instructional download teaches you exactly how to perform the effect and construct the gimmick. You will be performing this in a matter of minutes.

Note: To make the gimmick, you will require some elastic thread.

Running time: 12 minutes 20 seoconds


Customer reviews for Acerrow



i think that this single card magic trick can leave spectators and audiences with a memory they will never forget however i feel that the gimmick card is a little complicated and even if a tiny detail in the preparation is off the gimmick card wont work therefor i don't think I'm going to be using thus trick so often



Hyper visual effect. Not hard to perform. There is crafting to be done with the gimmick, as VI points out on the product page. The construction is not bad. I sat down to make several at one time. I would suggest doing the same. You will get the hang of it after making the first, and it isn't that hard after that. For me, this is ideal for a virtual show. In-person it will still pack a punch but I don't love that the gimmick can't be inspected or handed out.
Creative patter about the Ace "being ruined now" can justify you just ditching it...


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