Magic download (video) by Peter Pellikaan
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Magic download (video) by Peter Pellikaan (12.00)

"Ahhhhh!!!" That's our reaction when we saw Peter Pelikaan's wacky new set of tricks. We're huge fans of this mysterious Dutch performer who devised strange and beautiful effects with small packets of cards. They are incredibly deceptive, and we're always fooled by just how much mileage he gets out of each trick. IMPORTANT: Peter likes to lap cards to clean up his effects, but in this download there is NO LAPPING AT ALL. That makes these effects particularly practical, and easy to do. This is his best download package yet, and it's four tricks for just $10.

You get:

Aces Again: Four Aces turn face up in a packet one by one, and then all the backs change color. Unbelievably CLEAN at the end.

Direct Wild Card: A packet of Aces changes into a packet of Tens. Check out how many fairly-shown backs you see before and after the count...this fooled us!

Ultimate Jacks: Jacks turn over and then change color entirely.

It Looks so Simple: A STUNNING transposition of a pile of Tens that change into a single Jack.

Running time: approximately 30 minutes. Some of these tricks require gimmicks that either need to be purchased or made yourself. 


Customer reviews for Aces/Wild

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So you may see some of Peter’s stuff and think it’s hard to do but a lot of
It is very simple. I rate this excellent because you get some amazing packet effects well worth the price. The only issue is understanding Peter and he goes through moves very fast. So those two things together can make it hard. This is not your usual tutorial but with a little pausing and rewinding you’ll figure it out and it’s worth it. One last piece of advice is that he uses the master grip. Once I switched to it for packet tricks like him I found I have gotten a lot better.



WoW!! Direct Wild Card fools me so much. I really really like Peter Pellikaan's downloads and I think this is my favourite downloads to day. For me, 'Direct Wild Card' was the best. I hope they release more of his stuff and I picked up the gimmicked cards as well so I can do all the routines no problems. Gino



This is great packet magic. In terms of the gimmicks needed, they are simple--you can make them or get them at a magic shop. Production "values" are what you see in the trailer, but who cares; the tricks are awesome, they are taught well, and the opportunity to see someone with great hands and sleights, is well worth it. 10 bucks...that's a great bargain for this video. There's practice involved but honestly, if you're interested in this stuff then you already know that you're going to have to practice. Once again, Vanishing Inc delivers on cool stuff without salesy hype.



This is an ok video. Peter is obviously very talented. But it's not the best produced video I've seen (audio and video-wise) and I would have liked to have known that you do need to purchase some items to do the tricks and where to get them.


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