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Magic download (video) by Irving Quant ($7.00)

This beautifully constructed handling of Mr. Goodwin's "Slap Exchange" (At the Expense of Grey Matter, 1989) allows four cards to be lodged face-up in the deck before they are made to transpose with four others. Agatha eliminates the many sleight-heavy maneuvers needed to accomplish previous methods and provides a direct solutions to a classic card problem among the community.

Completely impromptu using only sleight of hand and the ingenious thinking of Irving Quant.


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I think Agatha is a wonderful handling of Slap Exchange. I think this would go great in any four card transpo. I also like that there are no fishy moves. It's strait and to the point. I only gave it four stars because the moment of magic was not long enough for me. I recommend you get this.



This trick really fooled me when I first saw it. It is in your face and very visual. It is definitely a trick for move monkeys because it is VERY sleight heavy. The teaching makes it easy to understand though and I was happy with my purchase.

Agatha by Irving Quant