Alex Elmsley Lecture

Magic download (video) by Alex Elmsley
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Alex Elmsley Lecture

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Magic download (video) by Alex Elmsley (24.00)

Alex Elmsley was one of the most influential thinkers in the history of card magic. When he passed away in 2006 (has it been that long?), we lost a true legend, and all of us lost the opportunity to spend time with him. 

But in a way, we still can. Late in life Colin Rose filmed an intimate lecture containing a mixture of classics, and unpublished Elmsley material. This is material NOT included in his seminal books or his earlier videotapes. This is material mostly shown here for the first time. 

More than that, it is the most intimate portrait of Elmsley as a thinker. He explains in detail the plots and methods that consumed him later in life, and the beautiful magic that evolved as a result. Consider this your private session with Alex Elmsley, and it's available for the first time in years, now in a convenient download format. 

  • Power Poker
  • Dream Trick
  • Ten Plus
  • Colour Filter
  • Some Moves...
  • Andrews Colour Change
  • Pinky Steal
  • Three in Hiding
  • Oyster Shells
  • No-Calc
  • Cross of Lorayne
  • Alex on Talks and Lectures
  • Alex talks about the various counts’ developments 
  • Some tips on doing the Count 
  • The Everchange Count 
  • More about the Count and developments 
  • Alex on moves and deals 
  • A Q&A Session
  • Twisters Flush
  • Christians and Lions
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel
  • What Ace?

Most interesting of all, there is an interview section in which Elmsley explores ALL KINDS of unheard details on the Elmsley Count. Mr. Elmsley then goes into theoretical matters during an honest and fascinating Q & A.

Running Time: approximately 2 hours, 30 minutes.


Customer reviews for Alex Elmsley Lecture



It was really great to get an insight into this man’s thinking and tricks.
For anyone else who’s lucky enough to have both his books, let’s agree that we’ve never read them cover to cover, and like myself, I have no idea where to start, that’s where I believe this lecture is a good starting point.
For all serious card users, most of elmsley stuff today is either forgotten or taken for granted, so it’s nice to see these ideas being shown when they were still “fresh”.
A lot of workable material here too!



Fantastic being able to watch one of magic’s greats





This lecture is excellent, its the great Alex Elmsley.



This download comes with two videos, one is a lecture and the other is a workshop. The workshop is Elmsley thoughts on some moves, some performances without explanation, and a Q&A session. I enjoyed a lot the workshop.

Now comes the lecture.

Power Poker: From ten cards, spectators make free choices of five cards and you will always win. This is good, I don’t usually perform this kind of magic, but I may give it a try.
Dream trick: The spectator discards some cards from a pile until one is left (totally free choices), you still be able to say the name of the card. I think that there is better ways of doing this, but the method is clever.
Ten Plus: I loved the final part of this, just imagine this, a spectator freely thinks of a card from a fan of ten cards and you can say what card he is thinking of! Loved it!
Colour Filter: This is a kind of oil & water with a visual aspect. You show eight cards, four reds and four blacks, all alternated, then you put them inside a handkerchief, after that you visually pull out the black cards one by one! This is pretty cool, I liked it.
Kasual Kosky: Great switch for a sandwiched card, easy and casual.
Andrews colour change: I didn’t like this that much.
Pinky Steal: This is very good, Mr. Elmsley teaches a variation that is also good. I definitely going to try it.
Three in hiding: A very strong effect. The magician makes three piles made of the number of cards three spectators freely selected, then each spectator takes the top card and hide it in his pocket (the magician is turned around), even in that impossible conditions, the magician is able to call out the three cards. It’s for an intermediate card man, but I think that worth performing it.
Oyster shells: This is for comedy magic, you take out sunglasses and say that you can find the aces with them. After that, you give the sunglasses to a spectator so he can find the aces with them, too. The back of the aces are now red, so the spectator can easily find them, then you change them back to the original back color and end clean. It’s good, funny and easy.
No-Calc: A very nice mathematic trick to find two cards, very clean and you don’t need to make calculations. I liked it, I may try it.
Cross of Lorayne: A transposition between two cards with no dupes. I didn’t like it too much, it’s ok, but I think I will not perform it.

I can’t recommend this enough, it’s really great and I felt as if I were with Mr. Elmsley in his lecture. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, you will not be disappointed.


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  • Tim asks: Elmsley talks about things being "in the notes". Where are the notes? Are they available?

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    • Jamil Farhan asks: After buying all four volumes of Alex Elmsley's Tahoe sessions, does this lecture teach some of the same magic from the sessions, or is the contents of the lecture completely different from the sessions?

      • 1. Jim answers: There are duplications.
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