Amazing Magic - Volume 1

Magic download (video) by Paul A. Lelekis
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Amazing Magic - Volume 1

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Magic download (video) by Paul A. Lelekis (10.00)

Paul A. Lelekis is thrilled to launch Amazing Magic, a new e-series covering all of the intricacies of magic tricks that make them truly special and memorable.

Amazing Magic (Volume 1) includes 6 downloadable videos and an e-book covering a variety of different effects from an impromptu coin trick to a masterful card trick and even some mind-blowing mentalism.

All of these routines are designed for working magicians and many can be done in an impromptu situation.

Included in your Download:

This Puzzling Paradox is direct, hard hitting, and will leave your spectators with a shocked look on their faces...BECAUSE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! Two videos will explain everything and the inclusion of a Michael Skinner sleight and stratagem makes this effect even more amazing!

This Roy E. Smith routine fooled Ed Marlo so badly that he begged Roy for the secret! It became one of Marlo's favorite tricks to perform! A classic of magic dressed up for today's audience!

Have 5 cards selected from a shuffled deck... only the audience can see them. In fact, you can even turn around! You will then divine EACH CARD, leaving the 5th card for name it...and IT IS THE CARD THAT THE SPECTATOR ONLY THOUGHT OF! Freak 'em out!

A blend of card magic with an ESP theme that will ROCK your spectators! This is NO JOKE! If you want a powerful triple revelation with ESP effect, then THIS is the effect that you want. This is a PERFECT CLOSER!

Picture this. You’re at a casual party or gathering and someone asks you to do a magic trick. You have nothing on you but some spare change. Well, now you can dazzle them with an impromptu coin trick that is easy to do and garners insane reactions. THIS ONE IS EXCELLENT! We’re fairly confident it's unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Here's an excellent routine for a production of any 4-of-a-kind - in four different ways...but this one is VERY, VERY EASY to do and the SPECTATOR finds the fourth card!

Kuda Bux astounded the world with this terrific effect... and EVERYONE claimed that Kuda Bux was "the real thing"! He described the impossible - with an examinable bag placed over his head...and it's easy to do!


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